YTB loss widens, sales plummet

CrimeBustersNow warns YTB IS A PYRAMID SCHEME

A year later, a smaller YTB returns to St. Louis for its annual convention

Now, when the BBB, after 10’s of thousands of victims have already been scammed, finally gets around to commenting on an obvious pyramid fraud, you can rest assured YTB is, in fact, a pyramid fraud scheme. The BBB, oft times, is one of the last to inform the public of serious fraud, sometimes only AFTER the fraud collapses and after having supported an obvious fraud with their top BBB rating. (i.e. Pigeon King International multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme from Canada that swept North America). CrimeBustersNow actively exposes these frauds months and years ahead of the authorities and the BBB, and more importantly exposes the crooks behind them; many of these crooks in fact members of the BBB, top law enforcement, government personnel; and yes, even those in the office of the public prosecutor. Check BIM, ICF World Homes and others elsewhere on our web site and watch the video on YTB in the following link.

Controversial Travel Company Holding Convention in St. Louis,0,1138943.story

YTB Dodges Another Courtroom Appearance

YTB faces action from Illinois attorney general

May 15, 2009 – 10:35 PM

The Telegraph
YTB, its founder and others are being sued by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, accusing the Web-based travel marketing company executives of unfairly profiting at the expense of recruits and others……. Cont.

Under the laws of Canada YTB is simply an illegal money circulating pyramid fraud with the proceeds of a massive group of later “victims” being “funneled” to a few earlier perpetrators at the top of the of the pyramid scheme. However, with RCMP, OPP, regional police on down; politicians, public officials, tax department (CRA) and other government personal, corrupt lawyers, accountants, even church ministers and members of the judiciary organizing, facilitating, and perpetrating these and other frauds; without a massive public outcry from decent citizens, the policing authorities and government agencies responsible for the enforcing of the laws governing pyramid/Ponzi schemes and other fraud, little or nothing will be done, except extreme foot dragging, cover-up, corruption and the harassment, threatening, disseminating of vile and vicious gossip, assault, and incarceration through false charges and perjury against victims of these frauds and the “whistle-blowers” who seek to assist them and expose these frauds and corruption and those behind them. And remember; these international money-laundering racketeers now freely recruit students in university, college and now even high schools even to the point of of obtaining recruitment rooms on college and university campuses.

Canadian politicians we contacted without response, such as MPP Monte Kwinter at the time he was Minister Responsible for Public Safety (later we found to have ties to the Russian Mafia) and myriad other politicians, simply refuse to deal with this situation and have no apparent concern for the destruction of the lives of seniors, immigrants the physically challenged, such as the thousands in the deaf community world-wide, including students of Gallaudet University for the Deaf in Washington, defrauded by pyramid fraud, Canadian Diamond Traders of Toronto, or any concern for the destruction of families and marriages; victims of the fallout of these condoned and treasonous frauds. And that’s the abhorrent and sad truth in this country.


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