Gulf Oil Disaster

June 28 2010 – EDITED: More content & revelations of government corruption


Why is the Gulf Oil Disaster being covered on CrimeBustersNow?

Answer – Crime Corruption and Cover-up.

With the release of the first pictures of the gushing oil in the Gulf, it was inherently obvious that the 1000 brls /day estimate from these B.P. professionals was absolutely, untrue, misleading and absurd: Even the estimate of 5000 brls did, in no way match what the world was unwittingly observing: The application of simple grade school mathematics reveal these estimates were grossly untrue.

By carrying out a few simple calculations it was painfully obvious that the oil gushing into the Gulf was in the millions of gals/day. To be 1000 brls/dy, according to the physical evidence shown on TV, the size of the hole, or pipe would have been only a ridiculous 2½ inches in diameter @ 2ft/sec flow rate, less 30% for impurities: (1049.07 brls/dy)

The formula???….. Grade school stuff: Total flow = 3.1416 x pipe radius squared / 144 [sq. in. / sq. ft.] x (per ft. of flow) x 7.48 (gal/cu. ft.) x60 (sec) x60 (min) x24 (hrs) / 42 (U.S. gal /barrel) x 70% (allowing 30% for gas and (hopefully) inert and harmless impurities).

Now, it seemed obvious to me that the pipe would be at least 12 inches; therefore 1000 brls/dy was absolutely ridiculous. An 8” pipe with a flow rate of only 1 ft. per sec. = 5,371 Brls/day; more than B.P.’s next ridiculous official estimate of 5000 brls/day. I had not, at this point, allowed 30% for gas and impurities, but the “picture” these calculations rendered was abundantly manifest and the “estimates by B.P. obviously absurd.

Again observing the initial TV pictures of the flow…… the oil appears to be gushing upward at between 3-4 times the diameter of the plume /sec., at the point of discharge.

So the formula clearly confirmed that @ only 3 ft. of flow/sec…. the 1,000 brl/dy and 5,000 brls/day discharge initially claimed by B.P. were patently ridiculous, misleading and fraudulent.

It was obvious these claims did not amount to anything resembling “an estimate;” certainly not considering the engineers, scientists, oil experts, etc, employed by B.P., and the best consultants in the word in these fields of expertise B.P.’s billions have at their “beck and call.” It was also obvious to me this was simply another official corporate cover-up; either that, or undoubtedly the most bizarre, mathematical miscalculation in modern history, considering modern technology.

So, what was the best intellectual estimate that could be gleaned from a simple observation of the TV images???

First: The assumption: I was convinced the pipe would be at least 12in. in diameter: So, using that as a “given” and after creating the formula, I “plugged” the figures into the variable cells on my spreadsheet.

Next, was to calculate the physical evidence gleaned from the TV images. By following visual particles in the oil as they were released from the pipe and counting the seconds, it was apparent that the distance traveled was about three to four times the diameter of the oil plume per second, where it was exiting the pipe. It was all relative: The unknown?…. The pipe diameter. But, again assuming the pipe was at least 12 inches the flow rate would therefore be 3 to 4 feet per second.

Allowing 30% for particulate impurities and gas and again applying simple grade school math, and assuming the discharge @ 3ft/sec…. therefore the total discharge minus 30% gas and impurities was incredibly, 29,379 brls/dy nearly 30 times the first estimate of 1000 brls and 6 times the second “estimate” of 5000 brls. And this a 12 inch pipe.

Corporate Crime & Corruption.

Then the announcement that the pipe is 21 inches in diameter: So, I “Plugged” that into my formula with the approximate flow rate at 3 ft/sec. The result was 111,033 brls/dy…. allowing 30% for impurities that equated to 77,723 brls/dy flowing into the Gulf: The official estimate now according to scientists (coincidently using the same 30% estimate for gas and impurities is approximately 60,000 brls/dy indicating a pipe diameter of 21 inches and a flow rate of 2.35 ft/sec (60,883 brls/dy) and could go higher, according to scientific experts.

All this could have easily been figured out at the very beginning by anyone world-wide who paid attention in class, understood, and applied their grade school mathematics resulting in the extent of this catastrophe being recognized immediately. It is now claimed that B.P. had similar estimates, but withheld the information from the government, the media and the public; par for the (corrupt, corporate) course. (Remember the Pinto and now Toyota???)

And the horror of horrors??? …..If it is, as it appears in the live pictures of the leak, that the flow is 3-4 times the diameter of the pipe…. that equates to a flow rate of over 5 ft (@ 3x Pipe Dia) and 7ft (@ 4x Pipe Dia). If that turns out to be the case then the flow (less 30% for gas and impurities) equates to a staggering…. at 5 ft/sec … 185,000 brls/dy and at 7 ft/sec, an incredible 259,000 brls/day.

And what is the “common thread” woven throughout all these national and global catastrophes, albeit pollution of our planet, financial failings and the financial frauds & schemes exposed on CrimeBustersNow??? …. The answer to that is corruption; – government regulators, and quite often, law enforcement agencies involved in drugs etc., and “in bed” (figuratively & literally) with the perpetrators and/or supportive of the violations and the ignoring of laws and regulations by legal corporations and even blatant common and uncommon crooks, and their illegal “shell corporations” who engage in international white-collar racketeering and money-launderers applying their “trades,” while complainants and whistler blowers, rather than accepted as an asset to law enforcement and government regulators are instead treated with contempt and loathing, intimidated and harassed; their credibility and lives destroyed, and in some cases, if they publicly persist in attempting to expose this corruption, arrested on trumped up charges.”

This particular corrupt “corporate culture” and protection of these organized money-laundering racketeers (particularly when these crooks buy “credibility” in various ways; one of which is by contributing a modicum of their proceeds of crime to myriad charities; amounts that percentage-wise are infinitesimal, but which many time are in the millions of $$$ and designed as a benevolent cover-up for their crimes) is a world-wide phenomenon. But it must be remembered; not all those in government, police and judicial authority are corrupt themselves – (see Ont. Sup. Crt. Judgment – Judge Quigley) but many, through their association, their silence and inaction become facilitators and enablers of this corrupt “culture” and financial fraud.

Police claim they are frustrated with the “NO SNITCH” culture now pervasive in our communities. But where did this “code” originate if not with the very police themselves decades ago???….. The “Big Blue Wall of Silence” ….. the culture of…. “Cops Don’t Snitch On Cops.” They have even formed Police Associations and Unions enforcing that very culture against those precious few officers who would speak out, complete with intimidating and ostracizing tactics, threatening and worse – see James CassellsT.O. Police Officer (dubbed T.O.’s “Serpico” …..

And Google Jim Cassells or click here .

Many, if not all of these police associations are involved in fraudulent schemes and money-laundering racketeering to “feed” their own coffers while protected from just prosecution…

See- Cops and Kids Fishing – Canadian Tire Corporation….

So, what is the difference between a gang of cops with the name “Police Association” and any other gang involved in fraud, money-laundering, intimidation, ostracizing tactics, threatening and worse???

This corruption, in all its forms, has truly become an excepted “culture” permeating our society that most ordinary citizens are not only unaware of the extent of it, but unaware that it even exists and that the authorities are simply “turning a blind eye” to. And when the last vestige of hope, and freedom is extinguished, as many mainline-media not only suppress the truth for their own financial gain, but allow themselves to be intimidated into silence or engage in “self censorship,” finding themselves tainted through their own participation in this “culture of corruption,” little hope exists that the “slippery slope” will reverse itself: Certainly it is a problem we face here in Canada. If Canadians remain unaware of these billions in fraud being perpetrated against not only the masses but the very economy itself and spread like a hidden cancer, the results will soon manifest themselves in a massive collapse of the economy that no man, woman or child will escape the effects of or then not recognize.

And now, June 28, just released from jail; proof of my allegations of government personnel perpetrating pyramid/Ponzi schemes contained in a (CP) news story. The revelation is somewhat obscured in a few words at the end of a paragraph, when in my view, that revelation should have been “head line” news, particularly when, a modicum of journalist investigation would reveal (the “open secret”) that police officers, lawyers, politicians, accountants, teachers even church ministers are involved with CRA (Income Tax) personnel in perpetrating myriad pyramid/Ponzi schemes across this nation.

Take heed –“When the media refuses to inform and the public no longer questions, that is the beginning of the end of democracy.”  dave – CBNow.

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NOTE: Quote from the original story above June 20, 2010, before my arrest on trumped up evidence……. “complainants and whistler blowers, rather than accepted as an asset to law enforcement and government regulators are instead treated with contempt and loathing, intimidated and harassed; their credibility and lives destroyed, and in some cases, if they publicly persist in attempting to expose this corruption, arrested on trumped up charges.”

And so, as predicted in the paragraph above June 20, 2010 I was arrested and jailed: So, here it is June 28, 2010 – Just released from jail!!! This time arrested (just ahead of the G20) while passing out these pamphlets at an Oakville high school. These charges we again maintain are false, abhorrent and simply retaliatory.

My arrest??? Trafalgar Memorial High-School staff realizing handing out pamphlets to students on public property is not an offence for which a citizen can be arrested and “removed” by police, and that clearly explained to them by attending Halton Regional Police, came up with a “creative,” alternative; an unrelated and abhorrent allegation that I maintain again, as with all the other allegations used in an attempt to silence me and suppress the truth, is grossly untrue and malicious.

Police did not witness this alleged incident, nor could they have, when it simply did not happen and only reacted to a verbalcomplaint, which, under, at least these particular set of circumstances, is their duty. But, we intend to discover how that complaint came about and whether police joined the conspiracy after the fact, and how diligently the authorities are probing the veracity of the allegations and the motives of the complainants, or if, with the usual and documented police and prosecutorial deliberate “tunnel vision” focusing only on the accused, have ignored evidence favourable to the accuse; evidence which would point to the innocence of the accused and cast considerable doubt on the veracity of the allegation of the complainants.

It is noteworthy that a couple of years ago I was invited by a grade 10 teacher at this very high school to explain to her class what our organization stands for and what we expose. I was not censored in anyway. I explained to the class how pyramid/Ponzi schemes defraud ordinary people, including students, and that through phone calls and emails to England informing Interpol, Scotland Yard, London and Manchester Police and contacting ordinary citizens and businesses we had been successful in shutting down the British “branch” of Treasures Traders International pyramid fraud originating in Mississauga Ontario; the scammer now in jail for criminal negligence causing death and his pyramid scheme, though never prosecuted by authorities, now the subject of a “class action civil law suit.”

I was allowed to explain to the students the involvement in these schemes, of police officers, lawyers, accountants, even teachers and church ministers. That was 2006, but the scheme was never shut down by authorities in Canada and “cookie cutter” copies of the same scheme are exponentially exploding and now actually deliberately targeting students through their propaganda, and abhorrently, with the knowledge of police and government authorities who continue to “turn a “blind eye” to these massive crimes of fraud.

i.e.EXCERPT FROM PAMPHLET:   ICF-World Homes Propaganda – Student:“Wouldn’t it be great to be able to afford the education tuition equal to your qualifications? Finish University without a student loan. Be able to live on residence, have your own car, have a large bank account before you start your career. Own your ICF Home in far less time than through using a conventional mortgage…..”  —-The Canadian Government and police authorities allow these crooks to operate untouched in Canada spreading these frauds world-wide.

And this excerpt…. Angry Father – there are kids recruiting kids in my son’s high school for this Global Wealth Trade thing, and it’s the travel packages and “jwelry” (sic). They are looking for around $1300 to start up. I’m miffed! My son is 17 and thinks this will be a great way to start up in the business world. It was like pulling teeth to try to get him to tell me what the “meeting” was about. Stop these guys! I am in Red Deer Alberta, and a lot of people are going to these meetings this year.

As we have always maintained, unbelievably, police, government personnel, politicians, lawyers, teachers, church ministers and the like are involved in these abhorrent, fraudulent schemes.

A couple years back I handed out pamphlets at a Mississauga High-School. I was bullied down the street by a young thug “masquerading” as a police officer. I demanded his identification and an occurrence number. He pulled at his shirt sleeve emphasizing his badge. “This is my badge; this is my gun; and that is the only identification I need!” was his reply. I lodged a formal complaint.

This time, to my surprise and elation, my complaint was handled not only professionally, but cordially. At the end of the investigation I met with the complaints’ officer. He was very apologetic explaining how tough law enforcement was becoming with the types of crimes now pervading our society, with mature officers leaving for smaller communities and even other employment. “The younger officers sometimes are ‘gung ho’ overstepping their authority” he lamented. He explained that the officer would have this on his record for five years rather than the usual three. He was to be removed from his “cushy job” at the high school, as the complaints’ officer described it, and reassigned to another area of the region. I accepted the apology commending him and the police force with respect to their swift and fair action. I then asked him if he would mind giving me those comments in a written formal report (as I had expected would be done).

He looked rather surprised indicating this was intended as a quick, informal, internal resolution of a complaint without a formal acknowledgement. I asked if he would mind simply and informally stating in writing, these few sentences of explanation and apology. He began writing then changed his mind, stating he would have to contact senior officers. I felt that the way this complaint had been dealt with that acknowledged in writing, would be a “positive” for the police force.

In the next meeting he said “higher-ups” had refused. I impressed upon him that I had made a formal complaint and expected a formal resolution. Well that would take longer, he explained, that’s why they had resolved the matter (in his opinion) informally. The third meeting became somewhat hostile, and it was made clear to me that a formal complaint would require a lot more paperwork and further investigation. I stood firm. Then came the usual “paper-war,” hostility, and arrogance I was accustomed to from police.

I received a written report in which (after “further investigation”) it was claimed that a teacher at the high school had now made a statement alleging I had been trespassing in the cafeteria of Clarkston High School,Mississauga handing out pamphlets to students. I have never set foot inside Clarkston Mississauga High School, and now a female teacher was prepared to lie in retaliation for what she felt was something objectionable at her school… the handing out of pamphlets warning of pyramid/Ponzi schemes defrauding unwitting students.

The whole matter of a written resolution of my police complaint was lost in a deliberate obfuscated “paper war” having to wait weeks for replies, and having to negotiate through a “sea” of bureaucratic “red tape” and misdirection….. Obfuscation by deluge!!! I never did receive a formal written apology.

I was not in the school cafeteria handing out pamphlets or other scenarios falsely alleged. These were outright malicious fabrications by a teacher highly motivated in having me illegally removed from the high school then “parroted” by willing police: And for good reason: I was informing students that teachers and school board officials, government personnel, police officers from the RCMP on down, lawyers, accountants even church ministers are perpetrators of these pyramid schemes ….. i.e. the wife and school principle daughter of Jerry Roberts, the Director of the Board of Education, London Ontario, successfully sued for their participation in the massive world-wide pyramid fraud; the Women Empowering Women pyramid scheme, dubbed the “Fraud of the Decade” and the involvement of politician Jan Johnstone, Board of Education, Kincardine Ontario etc; all suppressed by the OPP, prosecutor’s office and government investigators and now these schemes perpetrated by teachers on their own students.

So here it is June 28, 2010 just released from custody. For over six years I have maintained that among others of authority, CRA (Tax Department) personnel are heavily involved in the perpetrating of pyramid schemes. In 2004 I actually picketed the Income Tax Office in Kitchener; bull horn and all, after learning many in that office were involved in pyramid schemes. So image not only my surprise at the (CP) news story, but the coincidental timing when I hopped the bus from jail heading home and picked up the Metro News lying on a seat and opening up the first page finding a news article obtained by the media under the Freedom of Information Act about an internal investigation and report suppressed and withheld from the public by the CRA….. This is the relevant excerpt:


Internal reports show an average of 85 [CRA] employees a year are disciplined for wasting their work days surfing the web, setting up sports pools, sending chain letters, promoting “illegal substances,” sharing offensive cartoons and running pyramid schemes.

June 28 (CP) – The Globe& Mail

That is the truth; all of it….. That is the reality!!!

dave –