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It is said there exists a “law for the rich and the well positioned” and a law for “the rest of us”. The truth is, law as written applies to all but, is  only enforced against some. Guess who?

Now, although shoplifting is wrong, and anyone should be charged and punished, how do you, as a student,  feel  about being charged, or witnessing a fellow student charged, convicted and berated by a judge for stealing 50 bucks in merchandise while the wife of a  multi-millionaire, politician and former store owner, “boosts” a $155 pair of designer pants from an Eaton’s Store….

An Eaton’s Store, with the policy “We  Prosecute All Shoplifters”, a policy to avoid the reality or perception of favoritism and racism. I couldn’t believe it either when informed by a lady while I was picketing political crooks involved in millions in fraud with police as accomplices and covered-up by the OPP and the Attorney General‚s Office of Ontario in another matter.

What do you suppose would happen to you and your friends, a street person or a woman on welfare stealing 50 bucks worth of merchandise or something for her kids? And what do you think would happen if the  husband or boyfriend of the shoplifter or another student threatened to kill the reporter? In this unbelievable case ….. nothing!!!

Check it out kids  (Google search Mel Lastman‚s crazy wife for all the stories) or simply click HERE. BTW, many adults including store owners, police, and teachers don‚t want you informed of this and other far worse truths, and are not above lying to, or for,  police and committing perjury in an attempt to get the writer arrested and jailed for handing out pamphlets at your schools concerning these frauds, corruption, and cover-ups by authorities.  (much like “many ordinary citizens” corroborated with Nazis to arrest, detain and destroy their fellow dissident citizens who tried to disseminate the truth) But there are teachers who will engage in honest debate with you concerning tough issues.  However, you must seek them out.

Right now, students in universities, colleges, and even high schools are being targeted, recruited, “brainwashed” and defrauded of thousands of dollars by international white-collar crooks and thieves through the collusion of police and government. Remember the Gomery Enquiry and its ties to organized crime? That was only the tip of the giant “iceberg of corruption” in this country.

A large number of the “captains” and promoters of these frauds were, and are, your own teachers, even principals and members of the School Board along with corrupt police and their families, i.e. Jerry Roberts, Director of the Board of Education, his wife and daughter, (a school principal)  involved in millions of dollars of fraud and money laundering in a conspiracy with the OPP, politicians, RCMP and their families.  Jerry Robert’s wife and daughter were successfully sued in a civil case, but still, no charges laid notwithstanding evidence of obvious fraud that others were convicted of, came out publicly!!! In the Owen area of Ontario a farmer’s wife and a widow selling Tupperware “selected,” prosecuted, and convicted instead of the police,  politicians, lawyers,  accountants, school officials, etc, involved in the same offense).

And, as of this writing May 07 /06,  the father and family members of  RCMP Officer Harold Stewart 1269 Green Mountain Rd. E. Stoney Creek Ont. Can L8J 3A3 Tel. 905-643-6202 are perpetrating the same Affinity Fraud and so far protected through  the corruption in The Police Services Board, the RCMP, the Judiciary, and the Federal Competition Bureau, just  like London Ontario…. (a rats nest of fraud and police corruption)  …. corrupt lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, prosecuting attorney and others with high profile positions in the community, “brainwashing” and corrupting even bank employees, other teachers, police and their families. Call Harold Stewart 905-643-6202  ask if he was a promoter of Treasure Traders International before it was closed by the High Court of England as a fraud. Ask him if he is now promoting Business in Motion on the internet and how you as a student can reach Financial Freedom by recruiting other students and your family members. If you are from the Indian Community call the former Minister of Railways India, now retired and a financial advisor and ask him and/or his wife the same questions. Many in the community lost 10’s of thousands in their gemstone scam.

Manmohan S Gill.
Advisor Finance
(Retd) Ministry of Railways (India)
Tel.: 905-507-2166
Cell.: 416-400-5260
Gill has defrauded many in the Indian Community of 10’s of thousands of dollars through Treasure Traders. International.

This is probably the biggest crime in the world in terms of the millions of dollars laundered and the 100’s of thousands of so-called upstanding citizens involved. It is known in law enforcement as Affinity Fraud. Attempts to inform students and the general public of this particularly heinous crime, and those involved in it, are met with coercion, intimidation, assault, “smear tactics” and trumped up charges against complainants. Ripped off victims, even students are intimidated and harassed by these crooks and then further harassed by police who back the crooks. This happens when victims realizing they have been “ripped off” attempt to file fraud charges.

Yes, there is a difference in the application of law as it pertains to the wealthy and well-connected crooks, vis-a-vis the rest of us. The truth of all this is being suppressed in Canada and that is the reason volunteers created CrimeBustersNow and this Site!!!

Check out the rest of this site; the scams and the high profile people, motivators, the organizations they belong to that the authorities are covering up for and instead “running” interference against those attempting to expose these multi-million dollar worldwide frauds spawned in Ontario, especially in and around Mississauga, Markham, Toronto,  Woodbridge, with the knowledge and in some cases the participation of our own police and politicians.

Many of these frauds are now being shifted to the World-Wide-Web. So, students, press your teachers about this. Ask them. Demand answers and insist they view .

Press them to explain if what is written on this site can be refuted! Press them to invite cops from the fraud division of your local police to your school so you can “hold their feet to the fire” and debate these frauds and ask them directly “do they exist.” Invite representatives from CrimeBustersNow for the debate. That’s what democracy is all about. These authorities are the servants of the people in a democracy, not their masters. If you never realized that before, realize it now, before it is too late! And don’t ever forget it! That is not disrespect for authority, it is respect for the truth and a Democratic System. Lose that and we degenerate into fascism.

“When the media refuses to inform and citizens cease to question, that is the beginning of the end of Democracy….. ”

DJT –  President of CBN.

Right now, we are experiencing what is known as “Creeping Fascism.” The Students at Walkerton District High School did ask their teachers about this fraud and demanded answers. And the Students got answers.  “Yes, the multi-million dollar fraud did exist and at least one of their teachers was involved.

Then press your MP’s, MPP’s Attorney General and Mayors,  particularly the Mayor of Mississauga, “hold her feet to the fire” and ask “Were phony ticket sales through service clubs in Mississauga supposedly meant for handicapped kids that it turned out, were non-existent; that fraud already uncovered by the President of CBNow on CTV’s “W5”.

But these frauds still continue with the knowledge and participation of police and politicians unabated and suppressed and you should simply, and assertively ask – WHY? There are serious multi-million dollar frauds in this country, particularly in this area,  that the elite, including police officers and politicians, can organize and perpetrate over and over again, virtually untouched by law enforcement. This is the new breed of criminal “UNTOUCHABLES”.

Press your teachers. After all, it IS part of history and current events. You have a right to know how corruption will shape your future and the country you live in. You have the right to know what corruption your police and government are involved in, and what methods they use to cover up and coerce citizens into silence, and what tactics they use to pressure citizens to perjure themselves in order for police to jail innocent people, particularly “whistle-blowers” and political dissidents they want to silence. Ask them! Ask them now, while you still have a chance!!!

President  CBN.

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”  Albert Einstein

“He who does not punish evil, commands it to be done.”  Leonardo da Vinci

And that is particularly applicable to your local police and government, and specifically the RCMP, The Federal  Competition Bureau, and the federal bureaucrat, Michael Shibley, who should, in my view, be forthwith fired.

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