Emeralds’ real value

CBN is receiving calls and emails with the horror stories of the real value of these TTI emeralds. And it is not a pretty picture. A woman in Calgary told by a reputable jeweler her whole collection was worth about $45.  Another in Oshawa had her friend’s emerald appraised, thankfully before she threw more money “down the drain” on her own certificates. She was told the emerald had a major flaw down the center and was worth very little. It had been appraised by Steven Knight @ $3900. A Chartered Accountant paid $15,000 for $30,000 of Steven Knight appraised emeralds and could not even sell them. Told they were practically worthless!

CBN told BBB, Phone Busters OPP Barry Elliot, Crime Stoppers (stoppers???) What a joke!!!! The RCMP is another joke. The Ontario Securities Commission, still another joke! Industry Canada and the Competition Bureau: the most sinister and macabre joke of all. We told them all, repeatedly!!!. And local police in several jurisdictions. The police: the “foot soldiers,” threatening and assaulting, bullies.

We desperately tried to warn Canadians. I personally went to towns, high schools, only to be assaulted and threatened by police. Even with a drawn gun. We did what we could. Our posting were removed from Canadian websites. Check this link May 12, 2005 after attempting prior to July 2004 to get those Canadian organizations and individuals to act. That certainly reflects more accurately the value of these gemstones.

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