Departure Central


Departure Central Inc. was the #1 scam warned about on the Australian Government Website. It has now been replaced by others. But It is still at “scams by type, chain letters and pyramid schemes”. A list like this in Australia, our “whimpy”  “criminal wipped” “liable-phobic,” sick, corrupt, “organized criminal embraced” government won’t print. So, we at CrimeBustersNow feel we must do what the Canadian Government at all levels won’t, in the interest of the public, and print it, just like Australia. It’s a lot cheaper for the tax payer as well. These Canadian officials basically spend millions of taxpayers dollars but simply do nothing more that give general “lip service” and “watch as these scams develop”. Ask yourself this question: “If it were not for the efforts of CrimeBustersNow and this website, would you have known about these crimes, the seriousness of them and the people involved in this grievous  situation created in Canada and spread around the world?”

Now, in Canada, the “kick-off” meeting of Departure Central,  at the International Center, December 04 2004, was actually guarded by Peel Regional Police Officers. The implication? As the crooks said, “If we were illegal, we would not be guarded by armed police officers.  They would be in here arresting  us.” That is what a citizen would expect. Ordinary trusting citizens certainly would not expect the cops to be guarding the criminals and actually be involved in their scams!!!

Departure Central, located in Markham Ont., “crashed and burned” never having gotten off the ground.  A private civil suit has been launched by some of the victims, but police refuse to do anything about this fraud either, simply frustrating and harassing victims who complain.

Former “Executives” of this scam (crooks) have, like TTI,  also started another fraud with their laundered money under a new name. Flight 36  totally untouched by government, police, nor exposed by the Corporate Driven and lawyer controlled, liable-phobic BBB, or the Main-Line News Media. The Canadian News Media only report  years after the damage is done in Canada, or another country closes these scams down and they consider it a safe story.

The Main-Line Canadian Media are virtual “Champions Of Safe Causes” and great at exposing high level U.S. corruption and scandals, and, of course, Canadian scandals, when  “pre-approved” by the RCMP, OPP or local police. In the great WEW pyramid scam, only the names police wanted published were published in the Main-Line Media until a Small Claims Court Action against the wife, and school principal’s daughter, of the Director of the London Board of Education, Jerry Roberts, forced their identities to become public. The media witheld the names of other school board officials, police officers, politicians, lawyers, accountants, etc. involved in thast fraud, just as they are doing in these new pyramid frauds.

Our students, tehnic communities, and the financially unsophisticated don’t have a chance against these slick criminals and this cover up of corruption and conspiracy of silence. CrimeBustersNow warns you, the public, NOW, before they launch.