Competition Bureau Puppets

Even their chart looks like the pyramid of those they are protecting! This “Pyramid of Puppets” of the illegal Pyramid Fraud Industry needs to be fired.


Too many victims in Canada including particularly seniors and students are being defrauded under the “Wilfully Blind” eyes of these “puppets”. These officials are greatly responsible for the decline and what will be the eventual destruction of our economy as warned by the IMF after the collapse of Albania due to pyramid/Ponzi schemes, organized crime and racketeering.

The Federal Competition Bureau is broken and corrupt. The Competition Act with respect to pyramid/Ponzi schemes posing as legitimate MLM and Net Work Marketing is a massive, incomprehensible, ridiculous, contradictory, obfuscated document; a collection of nonsense, written by corrupt lawyers in consultation with millionaire lobbyists for the sole purpose of pacifying and appeasing, the multi-billion dollar so-called MLM and Network Marketing pyramid ad hoc fraud artists and the world-wide racketeering conspirators of the Direct Seller’s Association; these regulations concocted and designed to distort, confuse and mask the simple, clear and unambiguous provisions of the section 206 (1)(e) and section 380 of the Criminal Code of Canada governing illegal pyramid/Ponzi schemes and fraud. And that, my fellow citizens, is the truth! THE EMPEROR INDEED HAS NO CLOTHES!!!

This corruption has turned a branch of the Canadian Government responsible for “Consumer Protection” into nothing more than an impotent, toothless “puppet” and facilitator, of and for, the perpetrators of international, white-collar, money-laundering fraud and racketeering operating from Canada, employing everything from loose gemstones, “vacation packages”, jewellery, exotic juices, lotion and potions, to premium RV’s, Commercial Condo’s (i.e. 1 King St. W. T.O. Ontario Ca.) and multi-million dollar private homes etc, all in a complicated effort to simply mask, then perpetrate their illegal, exponentially exploding, pyramid/Ponzi schemes that in reality cannot escape eventual, mathematically predicted demise, the very reason this type of criminal activity is forbidden by the Criminal Code of Canada. And that too, my fellow citizens, is the truth.

This corruption is so widely excepted and excused by “Wilfully Blind” authorities, from the RCMP, Government agencies, politicians, even many judges, local mayors; with many of this “group of facilitators” also the very perpetrators of these fraudulent schemes in this country, that the advertising of these frauds is “splashed” on huge billboards beside major highways and now perpetrated on high-school students, abhorrently, some as young as 16 years of age. And that’s the truth.

All the officials of the Competition Bureau shown here, and probably more, should be forthwith fired!!! At a minimum they should be hauled before a government committee, grilled, chastised, ridiculed, lambasted and shouted at as is the fate now befalling the heads of the U.S. Securities Commission, bankers and others over the Madoff Massive Ponzi Mess, other corruption and the “Wilful Blindness” with respect to the non-enforcement of financial fraud regulations.

This issue is far too important to the economic health of not only our country, but countries world-wide that these Canadian “incubated and hatched” fraudulent schemes infect like a virus, even into the tiny Island Nation of Vanuatu in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and perpetrated on the natives living in primitive huts with no electricity or internet connection. It is “Made in Canada” corruption. It is abhorrent. It is unconscionable. And that’s the truth!

David Thornton
President – CrimeBustersNow
February 12, 2009