Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Crime Busters Now is a non-profit organization dedicated to expose and inform citizens NOW of scams and frauds permeating their communities rather than after the deviating harm has been done.

Here is the full text excerpted from the Chart of the Crime Buster International Foundation:

The purposes for which the constitution as a legal person is being sought are:

The Crime Buster International Foundation is a non profit organization created to help victims of frauds of all kinds, mainly pyramidal ones, their family and relatives, through prevention, information, training, and specific actions against promoters of such systems.

The Foundation will publicly expose these frauds and their promoters, by all means available, in order to get rid, as fast as possible, of corruption against teens, adults and seniors of our society.

The Foundation will participate in creating funds to finance such projects at local, district, regional, provincial (state), national and international levels.

The Crime Buster International Foundation also wants to help organizations, associations, groups or individuals, with charitable, social, educational and humanitarian causes.

It can act in all countries, with all kinds of people, without distinction of language, race, religion or other personal orientation, create all operating units needed and take all legal means judged important in order to accomplish its help and support mission, in conformity with laws of each country.

The Foundation will hold conferences in Quebec, concerning its actions impact in Quebec and elsewhere. The Foundation is animated by volunteers, cooperative and full time people, putting their personal and professional abilities to serve people and communities.

The Foundation can also receive donations, estates and other contributions of same nature in cash, fixed and non fixed assets, administrate such donations, estates and contributions, organize fundraising or subscription campaigns for charitable, social, educational and humanitarian goals.

The purposes do not permit to subscribers donors or legal representatives to recover by any means cash or assets donated to the Foundation.

The Foundation will pursue its activities without any goal of financial gain for its members and all profits or other gains of similar nature, that could make the Foundation, will be only used for the realization of its purposes.