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Tony The “Legal Weasel” Gagliese

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Pyramid Exposure “Summed Up” as Death Threats

My daughter and her friend were involved in what we perceived to be a pyramid scam called The Sum-it Club located in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada.  They both laid down $300.00 one evening with a promise to come back the next day to authorize them to withdraw $120.00 a month for the next 2 years.

The whole focus of the evening was to recruit other people and then get paid $400.00 for each recruitment. After several phone calls asking for a refund of her deposit we were told she was out of luck as she had signed a non-refundable deposit form.

The man who was also their “in-house lawyer” told us basically too bad and I am going to enjoy spending your daughters’ money.  I called them several times and informed them that I would be calling newspapers, radio stations, their sponsors and would show up at their next meeting to tell these kids not to sign.  I planned to at least expose them for the scam that they were.

Low and behold, I get a call from the police and I am arrested for saying that I was going to kill them. So with two signatures (the lawyers and a women I spoke with), I went from being the accuser to being the one accused.   Can you think of anything to help my case?

Marian S., Oakville, Ontario

Editor’s note: President CBN……
This seems to be a “Method of Operation” with regard to pyramid fraud. Complainants are harassed then accused of making threats, then arrested and jailed and put to trial on false allegations. The media sits mute refusing to report the trial is even taking place….Now, according to the Criminal Code of Canada a pyramid fraud can be closed down as a gambling operation even by local police. This is confirmed by the the OPP and the RCMP.

Feel free to send us your own story. We’ll publish it in order to help other people with a similar case as yours.
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