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2009-10-12 18:22:06 – Investigation on behalf of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. (Public, NYSE :PPD) investors over possible securities laws violations by PRE PAID LEGAL SVCS – Contact the Shareholders Foundation, Inc. at

An investigation on behalf of investors in Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. (Public, NYSE:PPD) over possible violations of Federal Securities Laws by PRE PAID LEGAL SVCS (NYSE: PPD).

Aug 07 09


Pre-Paid Legal Services Gets SEC Subpoena

All the Kings Horses, and all the Kings Lawyers etc, etc……

Pre-Paid Legal, as we have warned potential victims contacting CrimeBustersNow for years, is a massive pyramid/Ponzi scheme, and now, like Madoff’s fraud, in a downward spiral to predicable mathematical implosion. But, will the SEC get it right this time???

To any fraud investigator “on the ball”, PP-L is pyramid fraud “101” ….. or were they possibly out back smoking something when that class was being taught.  Somehow PP-L has been allowed to operate openly for some 35 years. And of course like Madoff, and other fraudulent schemes, that fact is their touted claim to legitimacy….. “If we were an illegal pyramid scam authorities would have shut us down by now.”

Nancy Artz, a professor of business administration who teaches consumer behaviour at USM, says…. “that one factor that makes it easy for pyramids to recruit is that most people trust that the government wouldn’t allow scams to exist.”

Pre-paid Legal is an easily recognizable “money – laundering” white-collar racketeering fraudulent pyramid scheme requiring a combination of hype, myriad brainwashed victims, manipulation of facts and figures and a lack of law enforcement in order to lend this “shell” corporation the illusion of a legitimate “Home Based Business Opportunity”. I have spoken with many university and college students, even high school kids, wasting their valuable time and tuition savings trying to get rich in this reprehensible scam. It’s abhorrent!!!

To repeat…… “Will the SEC get it right this time and instead of a massive fine, paid for by the very victims themselves, they instead take appropriate action, shut it down and give Madoff a cell mate with whom to play Monopoly….. minus, of course, the “get out of jail free” card.

If anyone can provide names of police, government personnel etc., and pictures of same in this one, send them to CrimeBustersNow.

Dave – CBNow

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