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If you plan on investing money with Reza Solhi, also known as “Anthony” or “Bobby Solhi”, you should first read the news articles on this site. Reza Solhi is located and operates from Toronto, Canada.

Solhi has owned and managed the 3 for 1 Pizza franchise chain and in connection with that chain, he was criminally charged with fraud. Subsequently, he started the  Pizza One,  Pizza Uno and  Anthony’s Kitchen franchises under the sole directorship of his mother Ashraf (Ashley) Mirkhan.

Ashley (Ashraf) Mirkhan, Mother of Reza Solhi and Sole Director of the companies Pizza One Inc., Anthony’s Pizza Uno Inc. and Anthony’s Kitchen Inc.

We want potential investors to be aware of judgments against Solhi. Click on the following links to read about Reza Solhi (now known as Anthony or Bobby Solhi) and his business associates.


Before you invest in any attractive franchise opportunity, you should do your homework.  Use a reputed franchise lawyer for advice.  If you are in Canada a good resource is the supplier directory in the Canadian Franchise Association.  For those located outside Canada, Call the International Franchise Association or the national franchise association of your home country.

The Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise disclosure) that is supposed to protect franchisees in Ontario is very weak.  There are no criminal penalties imposed on franchisors for not fulfilling  promises and not returning money that does not belong to them.

If you would like to vote for tightening the existing law or have more information about Reza Solhi,  please contact us confidentially at .  By expressing your views you can help us to strengthen our representation to the Ontario government.

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