ICF World Homes

ICF President, Bill Mac

Another obvious and massive Canadian Ponzi fraud threatening the global economy has been incubating and “hatching” for over a year in Ontario, while once again, police authorities and the Canadian Federal Competition Bureau, the BBB, etc., sit idly by, “willfully blind” doing nothing; with not so much as a warning to the public.

The BBB is as good as useless. CrimeBustersNow informed the BBB for months about Pigeon King International. Two days after the massive collapse of PKI, CrimeBustersNow checked back with the BBB only to discover the BBB was still bolstering PKI’s credibility with their top rating…… that was two days after the collapsed of that obvious Ponzi scheme. The BBB is years behind CrimeBustersNow in exposing pure fraud. In fact they suppress it, as is the case in PKI, TTI, BIM, GWT, CDT etc., etc. When it comes to serious fraud, CrimeBustersNow in Canada, is where you will find the information you need to protect your families, your communities, your nation, and the world!

ICF WORLD HOMES out of Peterborough Ontario is a massive Ponzi scheme masking their money laundering racketeering with expensive homes. What ordinary citizen would believe, or even suspect that million dollar homes could be used in the furtherance of an illegal Ponzi scheme???

And we must ask the question: Does the public not have the right to feel confident that something of this magnitude would not go on undetected or un-prosecuted in this country? That it simply could not happen?

Please, for the sake of your community, your country and perhaps your own family click on this link and witness the unabashed and blatant “Snake Oil” sales pitch from this despicable, international, white-collar, money-laundering, racketeering gangster.


Many have already been drawn into this fraud. How many more; and how many young families will become ensnarled in this (as the judge described other such schemes) “web of deceit” and not only lose their money and their dreams of home ownership, but lose years of their life following a fraudulent devious dream from another “Pied Piper of Corporate Corruption” …. if it is not stopped. It is absolutely abhorrent. Canada is more than well on his way to reaping the same disasters as the country of Albania, and more recently Columbia.

Please, get out the word and help CrimeBustersNow stop this one before it surpasses the massive Canadian Pigeon King International Ponzi scheme or the likes of the worldwide Madoff scam.

Dave Thornton