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August 20, 2007

International Fraud Investigation

Pigeon King International
Unit 4-299 Northfield Drive East
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada N2K 4H2

Att.: Arlan Galbraith:

RE: Illegal Ponzi Scheme and Money Laundering Fraud

Further to our conversation by telephone last week I have now personally concluded an investigation into your Business known as “Pigeon King International.”  Any further investigation or evidence gathering will only serve to bolster and support what we have already uncovered.

To put it bluntly, you are operating what for nearly a century now, is known as a “Ponzi Scheme.” These schemes are reprehensible in that they defraud unsuspecting and many instances financially desperate victims out of thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some victims lose their entire life saving, others are inadvertently plunged into debt from which they may never recover.

Young people, in this case young farmers, are defrauded of money they don’t have by arranging financing based upon false credibility, your duly registered, but nonetheless fraudulent “shell corporation” projects; and as bad or perhaps worse, these victims waste years chasing an impossible dream. Many of these frauds result in broken marriages and suicide. In the opinion of many judges, it is worse than bank robbery or other violent crimes noting perpetrators of some of these frauds have been given prison sentences of 50 to 100 year in the U.S.

Those in the early stages of these Ponzi schemes who may possibly recover their investment and make a profit become unwitting accomplices to your crime by passing on this reprehensible “business opportunity” to their friends and families who ultimately become the losers.  Many, such as those in the Mennonite community where you have introduced this fraud have spread it though out their community via their churches. The consequences when this scheme collapses will be catastrophic.

Farmers may be persuaded to leave their legitimate farming activities because, as you point out in your propaganda, they must purchase quotas and face regulations: for example, raising chickens, vis-à-vis raising racing pigeons and squabbling pigeons which is not only unregulated but you offer between $10 and $50 per pigeon “picked up at the farm gate.” That is between at least 1000 and more than 5000% better than chicken farming or any other legitimate farming activity. Others who have good jobs and benefits built up over the years in their “off farm employment” may be persuaded to give up those jobs in pursuit of this fraudulent dream you offer them. That is equally reprehensible.

We have determined that there exists no end market for your product neither the racing pigeons nor “squabbling” pigeons. The payments made to earlier investors come from the money generated from new investors. That in this country and a majority of countries in the free world is illegal. It is noteworthy that it is also illegal in many communist countries. The increase in the prices paid for raising these birds that you tout in your advertising propaganda are artificially set and continually inflated by your company since it is you that arbitrarily decide the “value” of these birds and are the only real “market” that exists for your victims to unload their product.

You indicate that your company is debt free. You claim that it is very successful; that you deal and millions of dollars and that you have been in business for a number of years. Therefore it is inconceivable that you would have attempted, not long ago, to raise money by offering 18% interest when in your stated financial position you should be able to obtain money at financial lending institutions for a few percentage points over prime rate. That again has all the “ear markings” of a pure, non product Ponzi scheme whereby the high interest rate paid to early “investors” is paid by the proceeds of later investors.” The reason you conveyed to me, that you are conducting this business to help out farmers and others is a well worn excuse used by many of those perpetrating Pyramid and Ponzi schemes and illegal “network” marketing scams disguised as legitimate business.

I’m willing to discuss this matter further with you, your family, your lawyer, or lawyers, accountant, bank and/or financial institutions you deal with. But the fact is, a simple accounting of your business would reveal that you and your family are operating an enormous Ponzi scheme that is mathematically unsustainable and the intention of CrimeBustersNow is clearly to shut your operation down and return to your victims, money they have been defrauded of through your illegal money laundering, racketeering activities. These frauds result in enormous damage to families and our country as a whole. Your son and daughter are involved in this scheme with you as it appears to be a family “business.”

Pyramid and Ponzi schemes are related offenses. With that said I would point out the attitude of at least one judge; Judge J. Weinper who wrote in his judgment in R. v. Richardson [1999] O.J. No 5160 No. 98/04385. ….. “Pyramid schemes are illegal under the laws of Canada. Parliament has chosen to make these schemes illegal.” ….. “….. You engage your son in this activity, as well, and that does cause me concern.”

“A scheme of this nature preys on people’s vulnerabilities and their inability to make more money in a legal fashion. It exposes people to the risk of losing money that they have earned legitimately.  And as I said, parliament has set out in the criminal code that this kind of scheme is illegal.”

HELD: The pyramid scheme preyed on other people’s vulnerabilities and exposed people to the risk of losing their money. This type of behavior had to be denounced.

Our advice to you Mr. Galbraith, is that at this date, August 20, 2007 you immediately cease and desist advertising this money-laundering fraud and cease and desist signing up any further victims in this unlawful scheme; that you contact the RCMP and/or the Federal Competition Bureau and acknowledge that you are conducting a Ponzi scheme and have now been exposed. This action may result is some mitigating circumstances. To do otherwise from this point in time, having been warned could result in a more severe penalty if, or when, you are ultimately convicted of conducting an illegal Ponzi scheme.

CrimeBustersNow exposes these frauds publicly by any means at our disposal particularly the Internet where the majority of these frauds are being perpetrated. There are many who are condemning this scheme on the Internet. Rumor has it that you will aggressively pursue, in the civil courts, anyone who defames your company. If you should so choose that option against me, be assured I will not, as many who attempt to expose these frauds and schemes, back down in the face of millions in a frivolous and vexatious civil law suits.

David J. Thornton

President CrimeBustersNow

Canadian fraud investigators, Canadian government and mainstream media disseminated false information costing North American farm families in excess of $1,000,000,000 with at least two distressed farmers on suicide watch

Crook Arlan Galbraith


Pigeon King International Ponzi Scheme

May 4, 2011

Report on fraud and corruption – Waterloo Region

CrimeBustersNow – May 4, 2011 – Bankruptcy of Pigeon King International – Delay, delay, delay. Will this whole matter be delayed into oblivion while Galbraith avails himself of all the expensive legal resources, paid out of victim’s assets and taxpayers’ pockets as though he engaged in a “legal enterprise?” But then this is the “Canadian Way”…. U.S. – Madoff’s scam was exposed December 8, 2008: March 2009 in jail, later sentenced to 150 years.

Canada Harbours White-collar Racketeers: Confirmation of what we maintained for years with respect to white-collar racketeering and money-laundering commercial crime in Canada is finally being recognized in the light of recent comments of the prime minister regarding Canada as having a worldwide reputation of being “soft” on “white-collar crime.” As we mathematically predicted, these schemes grow exponentially, then implode. In our opinion, Galbraith should have, and certainly could have been ordered to “cease and desist” and arrested over half-a-decade ago saving unwitting North American Farm families 10s of millions of dollars and the horrific psychological and emotional pain and suffering they now endure, (two farmers said to be on suicide watch) The police, media, BBB, etc, “couldn’t see it”…. of course not when they simply chose to arrogantly remain “willfully blind” until the scheme imploded.

We were able to predict with mathematical certainty that PKI would grow exponentially then implode on or before June 30, 2008. But no authorities we approached in Canada would listen. Fraud is rampant in Canada.  On January 12, 2011, Manitoba RCMP charged 13 co-conspirators in the TTI & BIM scam operating out of Mississauga with the assistance and participation of corrupt police from the RCMP on down etc. The creator of this scheme bragged in 2009, in a YouTube Video, how he operated for 15 years with RCMP officers, government personnel, business consultants, and church ministers in his scam. Many farm families were also defrauded in this scheme. Attempting to expose lax law enforcement MACLEANS Magazine published an exposé February 2006 entitled… The Mounties Give Up…. “The RCMP is walking away from serious investigations, and failing to snag fraudsters…and white-collar criminals”….. confirming assertions CrimeBustersNow has maintained for years with respect to white-collar racketeering and money-laundering commercial crime in Canada; particularly abhorrent, pyramid/Ponzi schemes and fraudulent so-called “charity” telemarketing: Fraud is rampant and the upper echelon, including police, politicians, government personnel i.e. CRA personnel etc, the very perpetrators of these schemes, suppressed and “downplayed” by the mainstream media.

Canada – The Nigeria of North America: Call the Kitchener Record, CKCO TV, CTV, CBC and simply ask them what evidence they were given, the lengths they went to, what dirty tactics they employed in order to withheld from their “brainwashed,” fact-deprived readers and audiences, the truth behind this and other fraudulent schemes and how the media act as enablers and facilitators of these scams.

A MATTER OF CREDIBILITY: – The TTI & BIM $10,000,000 S.L.A.P.P. (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation)

Having our Superior Court Judgment in the Matter of Treasure Traders International & Business In Motion v. David John Thornton, November 30, 2006 finally published in the media (CBC Marketplace February 6, 2009) certainly more than establishes CrimeBustersNow credibility with respect to recognizing pyramid/Ponzi schemes vis-à-vis the “credibility” of the Waterloo Regional Fraud Squad. In fact, unbelievably a Waterloo Regional fraud detective appeared on CTV National News, notwithstanding I personally explained the PKI scam many time, directing fraud officers to a lawyer who taught in two universities willing to consult with the police, pro bono; beseeched them to consult a professor of mathematics, and a professor of business, this Waterloo Regional fraud officer nonetheless, on CTV, in front of the world disseminated what has now been proved a prejudicial, untruthful, and abhorrently harmful and ridiculous statement…. “We can find nothing criminal in the operation of Pigeon King International”. A CBC “news anchor” reinforced that same ridiculous mantra, parroting… “This is clearly legal in Canada” and the George Stroumboulopoulos Show, joking about this extremely serious fraud, gave Galbraith yet another advertising venue and with the “legal clearance” from the Fraud Squad allowed Galbraith to continue his fraud until it mathematically collapsed taking an unnecessary number of North American farm families with it: And do you think the police appeared on National T.V. spouting a “legal opinion” without the guidance and instruction and their “strings pulled” by the prosecutor’s office where most of this corruption actually originates? Think about it!!!


I was first alerted to PKI Ponzi scheme by a farmer in the Lucknow area of Ontario, in the summer of 2007 while investigating the infamous “Women Empowering Women” pyramid scheme perpetrated by lawyers, wives of  the judiciary, financial advisors, politicians, tax department personnel, police officers, correction’s personnel, teachers, accountants, nurses, doctors, business people even church ministers etc. The concerned farmer was very much aware of the WEW pyramid and those of prominence perpetrating the fraud in his area. He asked if I was aware of a fellow advertizing pigeons on the local radio station. I was unaware of PKI at that time. The farmer was not only concerned, he was, I might add, obviously frightened, scanning the isles assuring he was not overheard relating this information. “Galbraith has money and threatens to sue anyone who badmouths him,” he cautioned. It was immediately apparent, as he explained the operation, that PKI was a classic Ponzi scheme.

Contacting the Iowa Attorney General in 2007: Subsequent to informing the Waterloo Regional Police and local Kitchener-Waterloo media and after intimidation, harassment and threats I was receiving, I contacted the Iowa Attorney General’s office. Assistant A.G. Steve Moline, unaware Galbraith was operating in his state, in a friendly and concerned tone, simply enquired…  “What is he doing?” I simply explained …“He’s selling pigeons for $500/pr, then purchasing the offspring for $50 and selling them to the next farmer for $500/pr, with, by his own admission, no current market; the birds apparently useless and only being used as a clever ruse; the financing to sustain the entire scheme generated from later investors.”… “If what you are telling me is correct…”  Moline cautioned… “this is indeed a Ponzi scheme.” Moline took immediate action demanding Galbraith under oath explain his “business activities” in the state of Iowa. Galbraith’s explanation, under oath, confirmed to the satisfaction of the Attorney General that Galbraith was indeed, prima facie, operating a classic Ponzi scheme. Galbraith was immediately banned from signing any new contracts in the State of Iowa…. Common sense, simple law enforcement; simple justice; sparing farmer in the State of Iowa the horrors other North American farmer families would ultimately endure.

In my attempts to expose these pyramid/Ponzi schemes I have been set upon by vicious, brutal, lying, perjuring police; their lying, perjuring, willing and coerced witnesses as well as the criminals outside of law enforcement. Those perpetrating these fraudulent schemes include CRA (Income Tax Department personnel) many within the Region of Waterloo.

  • FACT – Galbraith remained a member “in good standing” with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business notwithstanding the number of times I contacted that organization and a former lawyer employed by the CFIB.
  • FACT – Notwithstanding the number of times I complained about the PKI Ponzi scheme to the corrupt Better Business Bureau (backers of Amway who recently settled a $155,000,000 class action law suit accusing Amway of running a massive pyramid scheme and Pre-Paid Legal scam and others) explaining to the BBB the massive harm to the North American farming communities that would result from PKI. All the BBB did was call police threatening me with arrest while maintaining PKI’s bizarre “A1” rating until two days after PKI’s bankruptcy when I personally informed the BBB of that fact: This also suppressed by the media.
  • FACT – I attempted to have the local Crown’s office deal with pyramid/Ponzi schemes operating in his area some defrauding even high school students. Police arrived preventing me from using the stairs to leave, pushing me into the elevator where I was physically bashed against the wall by P/C Dave Perchaluk… no arrest, just brutality to try to “teach me a lesson.” I protested in downtown Kitchener; was beaten up, near run over and taken to hospital by ambulance. The assailant convicted; the incident again suppressed by the media.
  • FACT – A Waterloo Regional Police officer pulled his gun pointing it at my face absolutely terrorizing me. I was taken to the Cambridge Hospital: With their lies police attempted to have me committed. The psychiatrist took the time to sort out the truth handing me a report on the matter. EXCERPT:  “I would like to confirm that I do indeed believe Mr. Thornton’s story, that he did not make this [911] phone call or make a threat….”  (911 files proved in fact I made no such 911 call). But it was another false police occurrence report generated to “stack the file” in a bid to destroy my credibility so the truth I was trying to expose would not be listened to. Subsequently, as a result of my complaint, I did receive an apology; the incident again suppressed by local media.
  • FACT –  I was holding a sign in front of the courthouse and Crown prosecutor’s office. A police officer pushed me backward toward traffic.  For that, I also received an apology from the complaint department.  Again suppressed by the media.
  • FACT –  Note Date: Intimidation at my residence in Oakville…. Occurrence #200700110126 980 @ 2007/12/20… “At above time, writer attended at the request of complainant (Police Constable Rabidoux – Waterloo Regional Police) and cautioned suspect that he would be charged with criminal harassment if he continues to contact any branch/division or employee of CKCO-TV or CTV. Suspect flagged as violent with a dislike of police….” That M.O.  more accurately describes brutal perjuring police, than the suspect (victim). I have never assaulted police. It is the police who need to be “flagged as “violent with a dislike for protesters and the truth! And I do not have a dislike for honest cops; I have a dislike for corruption and the innocent lives it destroys.… Again this incident suppressed by the mainstream media.
  • FACT –  Mark S.  DeWitt who attempted to salvage this PKI scam (which should have been immediately shut down by authorities) was reported by Better Farming Magazine to be in fact, a disbarred lawyer. Charges of assault (for justifiable self-defense) were withdrawn against Irwin who was harassed and threatened by this disbarred lawyer Mark  DeWitt and PKI minions who accompanied DeWitt to the office of Better Farming Magazine in a premeditated attack to intimidate, threaten and harass Irwin publisher of the Magazine. The public was “kept in the dark” about many crucial details surrounding PKI while the authorities sweep as much of their incompetence, graft, corruption, intimidation, retaliation, etc, under the well-known authoritarian “carpet of corruption” aided and abetted, as was Galbraith and his Pigeon King International massive multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme through suppression of the truth by authorities and mainstream Canadian media– NYT Excerpt: – Eventually, Better Farming published an investigative profile of DeWitt, reporting that he was a disbarred lawyer who swindled clients out of at least $100,000 in the 1980s and that he still owed Better Farming for some classified ads he took out years earlier.….. That’s the truth.  That’s the reality!!!
  • FACT –  December 15, 2010… Charges of alleged assault on a Toronto police officer were withdrawn against me shortly after the officer, having told the judge he had an “independent recollection of events” went on to state he “did not actually see the assault… his fellow officer told him later”….  He didn’t see or feel himself being assaulted about the head with a 14-inch bullhorn???!!! This is only some of the goings-on in the corrupted criminal system used against whistleblowers, fellow Canadians should be aware of…all suppressed by the mainstream media.
  • In subsequent conversations with Steve Moline of the Iowa A. G. ‘s office, he indicated his willingness to speak with any authorities in other states or Canada to assist in their investigations if they would call him; stating he could not be seen gratuitously interfering in other jurisdictions, but would explain the results of their investigation and his conclusion that PKI was indeed a classic Ponzi scheme to anyone willing to call him. I urged the Waterloo Regional fraud detectives to simply contact Steve Moline and these other professionals including the lawyer (who had taught in two universities and his private practice being corporate law, willing to consult with police, pro bono) a professor of mathematics, and a professor of business in the university saturated area of Waterloo. But to no avail. The police steadfastly refused to even contact the Iowa A.G., but rather steadfastly holding to their arrogant mantra, appeared on CTV spewing their false nonsense and today, in another deliberate “foot-dragging exercise” dubbed an “investigation.” have wasted millions of tax dollars. The last time I spoke with Steve Moline, no Canadian authorities, specifically those in the Waterloo Region had ever contacted him. This arrogant attitude by Canadian authorities can be observed on the CBC Marketplace February 06, 2009, exposé along with another false arrest of the whistleblower, this time by the B.C. RCMP. (charges quickly dropped when this time “CAUGHT ON CAMERA.”) They simply “do not want to know” about fraud. Again, in legal terms… “Willfully Blind;”  notwithstanding all the hoopla of cross-border cooperation!
  • It is more than interesting that Galbraith was not charged under section 206 (1)(e) of the Canadian Criminal Code for operating a pyramid/Ponzi scheme….  Try this explanation.  Authorities do not want to emphasize pyramid schemes under that section of the Criminal Code since authorities, including members of the Waterloo Regional Police Force, have been, and are currently perpetrating their own pyramid Ponzi schemes, now even recruiting high school kids into their fraudulent criminal activities.  These fellow citizens, are our police and those of authority who are supposed to close these frauds down, not profit from them such as personnel of the CRA (Income Tax Department) then threaten their victims and whistleblowers to keep their mouths shut.  That is the truth…  That is the reality.  At least one OPP officer was involved in this PKI “pigeon scam.” Every pyramid/Ponzi scheme CrimeBustersNow has investigated, police officers and/or families have been involved; police from the RCMP on down, politicians, government personnel, lawyers, accountants etc, etc, etc. My life has been turned into a “nightmare” since I first brought these pyramid schemes to the attention of the police & government and attempted to help my fellow citizens.  That too is the truth …. That too is the reality… suppressed by the mainstream media!  Question is … will this compilation of proven & provable information ever be acknowledged or properly resolved in this wilfully corrupt system?  David ThorntonCrimeBustersNowonlinevigilante4justice@gmail.com888-810-6736International Fraud InvestigationExposing Government, Police & Corporate Corruption

    One Abhorrent Fraud at a Time.


    More on PKI


The lawyer, Me Christopher Gonzalez, is collaborating with crook George Singh, by having our Web site shut down by our host In Motion Hosting after we clearly indicated to him that the president of CBN was on his summer vacations up to the end of August.

We just asked Mr. George Singh to supply us with Police reports that he had no criminal records at all, in the meanwhile.

Me Gonzalez could not wait.

You could write to Me Gonzalez to express your opinion about his conduct.

It’s like a lawyer trying to shut up somebody trying to warn the public that a crook is robbing the bank.

Me Gonzalez, do you know what clean hands means when going to Court?

Perfect4u – OneVision

Fraud Update

The OFT U.K. (Office of Fair Trading) has begun an investigation into Fitzpatrick and Singh and their fraudulent “enterprises”. The crime reference number for Fitzpatrick/Singh at the OFT is …. EPIC/ENQ/E/57571.

Remember, you received this information first on CrimeBustersNow April 14, 2009, years ahead of the corrupt Canadian Government, Canadian law enforcement, Crime Stoppers, even the near useless BBB, or the Canadian Media. And again …. that’s the truth!

Dave – CBNow

Robert Fitzpatrick

Gurdeep Singh; aka George Singh

The  two “media nuts” promoting the scam. and a link to their video

Gurdeep Singh; aka George Singh / George Basra / Gurdeep Basra and his partner, the international racketeer Robert Fitzpatrick (not to be confused with Robert FitzPatrick of Pyramid Scheme Alert) are, and have been for over a decade perpetrating huge pyramid frauds world-wide- BE WARNED These frauds are…….

Perfect4U – and – OneVision

Gurdeep Singh’s Disqualified Directorship Order:


Address: 113 STATION ROAD



Postcode : B21 0HA

Date of Birth : 11/10/1979

Nationality: BRITISH

Number of disqualification orders: 1

Disqualified From: 16/08/2006 To: 15/08/2018

Reason: CDDA 1986 S6

Message from CBNow to these “den of unconscionable thieves.

You two are unconscionable, abhorrent, international money-laundering, racketeering crooks, liars, gangsters and thieves.

I want you, your corrupt lawyers, accountants, whatever cops, government agents and politicians are “in your back pocket” that you have been able to corrupt, and your unconscionable, illegal schemes; the hell out of my country; away from unsuspecting seniors; farm families; the financially unsophisticated; the physically challenged; the poor; the financially desperate; struggling young families; single moms and dads; the financially desperate; students in university, college, and even high school that you lead into criminal corruption, inevitably dividing friendships, families, the workplace, communities, and our very nations.

You use your victim’s stolen, collective wealth; hundreds of millions, to harass and intimidate, and with your corrupt lawyers threaten massive lawsuits.

My name is David John Thornton I’m the President of CrimeBustersNow International Fraud Fighting Organization. I do not back down from corrupt police. I do not back down from corrupt government officials. And I certainly do not back down from scum like you.

And read on this website the 18 page decision of Ontario Superior Court Justice, Judge Quigley, in the $10 million defamatory lawsuit brought against me and the failed attempt by Alan Kippax; Treasure Traders International & Business in Motion “shell” corporations to obtain an injunction to shut this website down. If you still possess the intestinal fortitude….. for us common folk – the guts……


Readers and potential victims….. check out these dangerous, abhorrent, white-collar international racketeers.


It was brought to the attention of CrimeBustersNow that this international career criminal Gurdeep Singh and his partner Robert Fitzpatrick have once again raised their criminal “heads” in Canada perpetrating another of their ugly schemes designed to once again defraud the financially unsophisticated, the poor and financially desperate, the physically challenged and anyone else these unconscionable career racketeers can once again snarl in their new “web of deceit.”.

Email received by CrimeBustersNow from Florida…..

NOTE: these guys are slick. – I notice they portray a semi religious front – Fitzpatrick has Catholic crucifixes hanging on display around his neck – Singh was last seen wearing a turban and Sikh beard. The Florida rep, the guy in the video with Fitzpatrick uses loads of Bible quotes and links to his church group. To them their followers are simply a a target audience to exploit.

Did I mention Singh is banned from travel to USA and could not get a Russian visa also!

Yes – They have tried to show a product “Perfect4u” and a separate ring-fenced company “One-Vision” but as you can see they have exactly the same ownership: George Basra

Your Competition Bureau in Canada are looking to close them down – but it all takes time and RF knows it – he will try to sign up as many as possible and transfer the money out of the country – when the authorities come calling he will use all the money in the accounts on lawyers – money meant for taxes, bills, commissions – he will never be out of pocket – during the running of it, he will owe money to everyone – then when it goes bust he’ll be sitting pretty….. end


As you can see these are well seasoned, international, money-laundering, white-collar crooks, liars, gangsters and racketeering thieves that Canadian authorities, the BBB, chambers of commerce will again no doubt allow to defraud this country without “a peep,”  legal challenge or consequence, or so much as a warning to the public. The media, looking for “safe stories”, again, will no doubt publish nothing about this fraud until their scam is complete and again the crooks are safely out of the country, if they publish anything at all!!!

We at CrimeBustersNow are warning the public of these international unconscionable abhorrent career criminals NOWForewarned is forearmed.

If you have seen either of these crooks perpetrating this any other fraud – such as the Sum-It Club 2-UP Aussie system now bankrupted by CrimeBustersNow, please contact CrimeBustersNow.

Dave – President CBNow

Ontario Police Assoc

Would you give a dollar……….

So a Kid could go Fishing……….

With a COP???

Would you give that same dollar…. knowing a minimum of only 17 cents was guaranteed to go to the Cops and the Kids…… while U.S. telemarketers, guarantee themselves up to 83 cents of your dollar which ends up in the coffers of an American company, Millennium Teleservices in Charleston West Virginia!!! Many of these calls now even originating from the U.S. into Canada so even Canadian telemarketers are no longer being paid?!!

This year that 17% has unbelievably dwindled to 15.5%….. Now, I witnessed a Canadian telemarketing company owner “grab” over $5,000 in one hour “clear” in his pocket, just before lunch “working” the telephone, and that company at the time guaranteed 40% of its proceeds to the service clubs and charities. I exposed the company, GWE, (Great West Entertainment) and Mike Platts, on CTV’s “W5” investigative show. My face was obscured but not my voice. I was assaulted and “rough up” by the “room manager.” I had been offered the next level of $2,500 to $3,000 /wk. and did not show the appropriate appreciation and instead quit and exposed them!!!…. They were “ripping off” Handicapped Kids!! That I could not participate in! After the exposé, they changed their name to the now-infamous Xentel Corporation their illegal escapades easily tracked on Google.

I would love to receive assistance writing the book on TELEMARKETERS & fraud artists.

Readers would be absolutely amazed !!! The “pitches”… the tactics,…. how your name is put into a central computer and rather than being labeled a generous citizen you are labeled a “mark” or “tap” and that “Tap Card” is used in other campaigns of other service clubs and charities. That “tap card” holder calling you, knows exactly what you gave to another charity and how much you are “good for.”  Before realizing this was a fraud, I was one of the company’s best salesmen. My next bracket was $2500 $3000 a week. I have been made several offers to raise funds for other so-called respectable organizations. Some will even show you how to get paid under the table. No income tax!

I chose to do this instead. Unfortunately, it only costs money and brands me crazy! But, when I see seniors, struggling to do their part to help kids, and up to 84.5% of their hard-earned equity and pension checks siphoned off into the pockets of wealthy telemarketers, and international money-laundering racketeers, while government agencies such as the Federal Competition Bureau, Provincial Securities Commissions,  police authorities and private “Watch Dog” organizations such as the BBB, Chambers of Commerce (AmCham), the news media and even Police Associations and now the Association of Chiefs of Police, etc: members of all these organizations perpetrating and/or facilitating these frauds receiving untold millions in public taxes and private donations supposedly to combine forces to stop fraud, while instead, turning a “blind eye” standing by doing virtually nothing but “sucking up to the corrupt police and organized corporate crime”, it is that, convincing me what I am doing is the right thing to do!!

According to one police officer and others –  “Morality is some kind of mental disease, the cure for which is wads of cash.” – David John Thornton …CBNow….  As this cop put it to me….. “You’re Crazy”  (that’s the mental disease) “Why didn’t you just “shut up” and take the money?”  (That, apparently, the cure).

These well-oiled schemes make me want to vomit. New pitches are developed from your conversation with the telemarketer…. These guys can even fool generous lawyers and politicians, with their pitches in the myriad scams they perpetrate, as well as police, although with police they are either helping to cover up for these “scam artists” or are themselves genuinely duped.  I have found both to be the case.

And what about the prosecutors whose legal obligation is to prosecute these schemes and protect society from these fraud artists???…… They know what’s going on, they’ve known for years and just playing politics. With billions at stake and millions to stave off prosecution and the potential for corruption and pay-offs, it becomes patently obvious why laws against fraud are not enforced. We can prove all of this: CrimeBustersNow does not defame programs, corporations, individuals cops, and government, or utter and publish serious accusations without facts. And remember, the establishment does not pursue “crazy” people with wild un-provable stories and “conspiracy theories!” Witness the RCMP’s false arrest of the President of CrimeBustersNow and the subsequent “dropping of charges” when the “top cops” were caught on video in December 2008 by CBC’s Marketplace.

Now, if you have a question on any suspected pyramid/Ponzi scheme perpetrated by individuals or companies or telemarketing companies pitching charity or service clubs, your best source of information is this website. You won’t likely get this information from your local news media such as the Mississauga News, Oakville Beaver or The Record. The best The Record in Kitchener can do is devote a third of the Front Page to a man looking at fish in an aquarium, and the following day, I believe, another man with a snake around his neck, and today (when this was first published online) almost the whole front page devoted to sports announcements.  Surely that’s sports page news and 8th-page human interest stories….. Seniors in the community ripped off through fraud, or what happened to another neighbour dragged away assaulted, and intimidated by police on a false complaint for attempting to expose pyramid fraud that a Corrupt Lawyer, Tony (The Legal Wease) GaGliese, police officers, and at least one Provincial Prosecutor/Teacher at Humber College, Wendy Ramroop were perpetrating without this mother’s knowledge, involving her daughter and her friend (the story of Marion S. of Oakville, elsewhere on this site)…….  Now this is front-page news, unfortunately, suppressed in favour of and facilitating fraud, replacing that with “safe stories” of fish, snakes, and sports.

Now, it takes months to produce a really good salesperson trained to manipulate you into saying yes! It takes CrimeBustersNow two minutes to debunk them and show you how to say NO!………….. Or your own thoughtfully colorful phrase! …..Learn how a little education can really empower you!!! Empower yourself, listen, and understand what is really going on in Canadian policing and government!

Now, if you receive a telemarketing call or an email requesting money, simply ask the person “Are you a volunteer? Is that your real name Bill or your telemarketing name? Do you work for a telemarketing or promotion company?…. how much money do you make personally on this ‘fund raiser’ Bill?…. Why can’t you tell me, Bill?  It is my money after all and if I’m donating it, why can’t you tell me, Bill?  What are you’re doing with our donations Bill?  Are you really going to bus 30,000 physically and mentally challenged kids to see a  magic show or the Shrine Circus or is that what people in your“game” call “selling the same ticket” 1000’s of times over?” ……… It’s Simple Folks!! Don’t get “sucked” into buying books of tickets or a cash donation for nonexistent underprivileged, physically or mentally challenged children in scams such as this, notwithstanding those soliciting you represent the firefighter’s, cop’s and the police chief’s associations.

Now, if these telemarketers really bug you…… unlike the mainline news media which might tell you a story or two, leaving out most of the critical detail of course, and leaving you frustrated as to what action you can take against these fraudsters, forget the nonsense of calling the impotent Crime Stoppers, or the questionable character, OPP Officer Barry Elliot of Phone Busters suppressing crime, the equally impotent BBB, the nearly useless Competition Bureau, Michael Shibley and the rest (who should be fried for facilitating and supporting pyramid/Ponzi schemes and fraudulent fundraising) or the RCMP Recol or any of the other agency doing virtually nothing, and simply follow the instructions on this website…. remember CrimeBustersNow always has the simplest and most practical solutions ………

Here is the 800 number of Millennium Teleservices in Charleston West Virginia… 800-423-9411 …. call them! Do it! Ask them questions…….. “Hey! does this questionable fundraising “on behalf of the Ontario Police Association” give as little as 15.5% to the cops which then is used for the “general welfare” of “The Ontario Police Association” (a boy’s club) and the politically popular promotion of the abolishment of “Club Feb” “and let’s keep prisoners in jail longer”, and then some dribbles to “kids fishing”, “the very line” used as the “hook” to “fish” in civic-minded citizens, particularly seniors?”……

Kids fishing!!!… imagine… the cops using a tiny percentage of the donations to take a few token kids fishing, the very activity many individuals and organizations do at their own personal expense, just for the fun and enjoyment: And using that program to mask 100’s of million perhaps billions in international money-laundering fraud and racketeering. Shame on our Canadian Police, and shame on our Canadian Government!!!

Now, imagine, thousands of disgusted citizens, students, seniors etc., simply calling the telemarketers!!! Poetic justice I’d say: Defeated by their own success!!! Throughout the day you might think of 4or5 questions to ask,….. hey!…. Ask ’em it’s toll-free!… You might even want to share with them how these calls “bug you” at mealtime and when you have important things to do. Who knows they might possibly, though I doubt it, even give you a passionate ear! (And maybe this story might get covered by “THE PASSIONATE EYE” (tv program)

CrimeBustersNow gives you simple low, or no-cost “ammunition” you decide what to do with it!

You might call CTV and ask them to re-run a mid 80.’s show about GWE …(Great West Entertainment) and Mike Platts, and the books of tickets supposedly for handicapped children in Mississauga. And see if the CTV’s W5  or CBC’s 5th estate can dig up the earlier fund-raising of GWE for Camp Mikashone (sic) in Muskoka Ontario supposedly for handicapped athletes which didn’t exist, and the laundered millions from that scam used to then finance and create GWE and the means by which to “buy” respectability, and police silence, allowing the crooks to then “weasel” their way into “Fund-raising” for recognized service clubs using their “perceived” credibility to fraudulently “rip you off.” This same type of fundraising that is going on today condoned by authorities, with their full knowledge, participation, even their involvement!!

And this then begs the question ……… Do underprivileged, mentally and physically challenged children’s charities use promoters to raise money for their causes, or are promoters and those who hire them exploiting these children as economic pawns to line their own selfish pockets with millions of your hard-earned dollars that you were duped into believing were going to help these kids.???!!!

Record these scam artists and send it to us at CrimeBustersNow. If you do come across any fraud, or questionable fundraising, don’t bother with the frustrating OPP Barry Elliot and Phone Busters. Other than to leave a record that you did report the fraud, just e-mail it to  The Online Vigilante 4 Justice . We will try to expose it and track it down. Many, many apparent reputable charity fund-raising schemes are really based upon misleading or outright fraudulent misrepresentation.

Watch this site and you will be amazed at these frauds as they’re exposed one by one and the people behind them. We hope the CrimeBustersNow site will fill the “news vacuum” left since mainline news media has been “hijacked” by Corporate America, pyramid fraud, and the legal profession telling them which stories to run and which not.

In my view, reporters have sold their “journalistic ethics” to “Corporate America” and political persuasion. It certainly is what the, then, Kitchener-Waterloo Record their reporters (save a couple), CKCO TV, CHYM Radio and other news media did years ago when they conspired among themselves, big business, and local politicians to suppress the story of the tearing down of Kitchener City Hall and the construction of the Eaton Oxley Centre. They have that power!!! Why should suppression of the news with respect to billions in this corruption be any different today? In fact, as has been recently demonstrated worldwide, it’s worse.

A senior lady in Kitchener complained after a conversation with these telemarketers calling “on behalf of” the “Ontario Police Association”. She had felt intimidated and was coerced into donating $120. How do you think she feels to learn up to 84.5%, ($91.90) of her pension went straight into the pockets of U.S. psychological telemarketers with only $28.10 going to “the general well being” of the boy’s club (OPA) and who knows what little actually left to pay cops to take kids fishing???!!! Is it legal??? What, fraud??? ….I don’t think so!!!! It should certainly be investigated. The question is by whom??? It doesn’t sit well with me and those I know, including good cops. It is immoral, unethical, and illegal. Authorities have done nothing; that’s why CBNow was created.

But, now you know the truth. If you see nothing wrong with this method of Fund-raising, and if you still want to give, then at least now you have an “informed choice”.  If not, call the “phone artists” and complain 800-423-9411 and if you feel our organization informed you like none of the others, and saved you or your grandparents from shady telemarketing and if would like to donate to something worthwhile, keep the 84.5% and send CrimeBustersNow 14.5% or even half that and we will continue this fight against corruption on behalf of all citizens. Or donate more so we can get that van more quickly, and drive by Universities, Colleges, High Schools, spreading our message to the kids.

P.S.: Does anyone out there know how many kids were actually taken fishing by cops after this extravaganza “fundraiser?”

Here are two photos exposing Waterloo Region Police Force brutality:

New Home Club

April 2, 2010

Following on the heals of ICF-World Homes Ponzi scheme, ICF-World Homes fraud now in tatters, is NEW HOME CLUB .

Check out the bizarre website…….

Multiple $200,000 FREE HOMES for everyone.

Once again, “Christian ties.”

Where are the corrupt authorities???

And where is the media???

They claim this negative CBNow publicity doesn’t concern them.

Let’s show them they are wrong. Spread the word world-wide. Alert local authorities and media. Wake them up!!!

Don’t get caught in this one!!!!

Gulf Oil Disaster

June 28 2010 – EDITED: More content & revelations of government corruption


Why is the Gulf Oil Disaster being covered on CrimeBustersNow?

Answer – Crime Corruption and Cover-up.

With the release of the first pictures of the gushing oil in the Gulf, it was inherently obvious that the 1000 brls /day estimate from these B.P. professionals was absolutely, untrue, misleading and absurd: Even the estimate of 5000 brls did, in no way match what the world was unwittingly observing: The application of simple grade school mathematics reveal these estimates were grossly untrue.

By carrying out a few simple calculations it was painfully obvious that the oil gushing into the Gulf was in the millions of gals/day. To be 1000 brls/dy, according to the physical evidence shown on TV, the size of the hole, or pipe would have been only a ridiculous 2½ inches in diameter @ 2ft/sec flow rate, less 30% for impurities: (1049.07 brls/dy)

The formula???….. Grade school stuff: Total flow = 3.1416 x pipe radius squared / 144 [sq. in. / sq. ft.] x (per ft. of flow) x 7.48 (gal/cu. ft.) x60 (sec) x60 (min) x24 (hrs) / 42 (U.S. gal /barrel) x 70% (allowing 30% for gas and (hopefully) inert and harmless impurities).

Now, it seemed obvious to me that the pipe would be at least 12 inches; therefore 1000 brls/dy was absolutely ridiculous. An 8” pipe with a flow rate of only 1 ft. per sec. = 5,371 Brls/day; more than B.P.’s next ridiculous official estimate of 5000 brls/day. I had not, at this point, allowed 30% for gas and impurities, but the “picture” these calculations rendered was abundantly manifest and the “estimates by B.P. obviously absurd.

Again observing the initial TV pictures of the flow…… the oil appears to be gushing upward at between 3-4 times the diameter of the plume /sec., at the point of discharge.

So the formula clearly confirmed that @ only 3 ft. of flow/sec…. the 1,000 brl/dy and 5,000 brls/day discharge initially claimed by B.P. were patently ridiculous, misleading and fraudulent.

It was obvious these claims did not amount to anything resembling “an estimate;” certainly not considering the engineers, scientists, oil experts, etc, employed by B.P., and the best consultants in the word in these fields of expertise B.P.’s billions have at their “beck and call.” It was also obvious to me this was simply another official corporate cover-up; either that, or undoubtedly the most bizarre, mathematical miscalculation in modern history, considering modern technology.

So, what was the best intellectual estimate that could be gleaned from a simple observation of the TV images???

First: The assumption: I was convinced the pipe would be at least 12in. in diameter: So, using that as a “given” and after creating the formula, I “plugged” the figures into the variable cells on my spreadsheet.

Next, was to calculate the physical evidence gleaned from the TV images. By following visual particles in the oil as they were released from the pipe and counting the seconds, it was apparent that the distance traveled was about three to four times the diameter of the oil plume per second, where it was exiting the pipe. It was all relative: The unknown?…. The pipe diameter. But, again assuming the pipe was at least 12 inches the flow rate would therefore be 3 to 4 feet per second.

Allowing 30% for particulate impurities and gas and again applying simple grade school math, and assuming the discharge @ 3ft/sec…. therefore the total discharge minus 30% gas and impurities was incredibly, 29,379 brls/dy nearly 30 times the first estimate of 1000 brls and 6 times the second “estimate” of 5000 brls. And this a 12 inch pipe.

Corporate Crime & Corruption.

Then the announcement that the pipe is 21 inches in diameter: So, I “Plugged” that into my formula with the approximate flow rate at 3 ft/sec. The result was 111,033 brls/dy…. allowing 30% for impurities that equated to 77,723 brls/dy flowing into the Gulf: The official estimate now according to scientists (coincidently using the same 30% estimate for gas and impurities is approximately 60,000 brls/dy indicating a pipe diameter of 21 inches and a flow rate of 2.35 ft/sec (60,883 brls/dy) and could go higher, according to scientific experts.

All this could have easily been figured out at the very beginning by anyone world-wide who paid attention in class, understood, and applied their grade school mathematics resulting in the extent of this catastrophe being recognized immediately. It is now claimed that B.P. had similar estimates, but withheld the information from the government, the media and the public; par for the (corrupt, corporate) course. (Remember the Pinto and now Toyota???)

And the horror of horrors??? …..If it is, as it appears in the live pictures of the leak, that the flow is 3-4 times the diameter of the pipe…. that equates to a flow rate of over 5 ft (@ 3x Pipe Dia) and 7ft (@ 4x Pipe Dia). If that turns out to be the case then the flow (less 30% for gas and impurities) equates to a staggering…. at 5 ft/sec … 185,000 brls/dy and at 7 ft/sec, an incredible 259,000 brls/day.

And what is the “common thread” woven throughout all these national and global catastrophes, albeit pollution of our planet, financial failings and the financial frauds & schemes exposed on CrimeBustersNow??? …. The answer to that is corruption; – government regulators, and quite often, law enforcement agencies involved in drugs etc., and “in bed” (figuratively & literally) with the perpetrators and/or supportive of the violations and the ignoring of laws and regulations by legal corporations and even blatant common and uncommon crooks, and their illegal “shell corporations” who engage in international white-collar racketeering and money-launderers applying their “trades,” while complainants and whistler blowers, rather than accepted as an asset to law enforcement and government regulators are instead treated with contempt and loathing, intimidated and harassed; their credibility and lives destroyed, and in some cases, if they publicly persist in attempting to expose this corruption, arrested on trumped up charges.”

This particular corrupt “corporate culture” and protection of these organized money-laundering racketeers (particularly when these crooks buy “credibility” in various ways; one of which is by contributing a modicum of their proceeds of crime to myriad charities; amounts that percentage-wise are infinitesimal, but which many time are in the millions of $$$ and designed as a benevolent cover-up for their crimes) is a world-wide phenomenon. But it must be remembered; not all those in government, police and judicial authority are corrupt themselves – (see Ont. Sup. Crt. Judgment – Judge Quigley) but many, through their association, their silence and inaction become facilitators and enablers of this corrupt “culture” and financial fraud.

Police claim they are frustrated with the “NO SNITCH” culture now pervasive in our communities. But where did this “code” originate if not with the very police themselves decades ago???….. The “Big Blue Wall of Silence” ….. the culture of…. “Cops Don’t Snitch On Cops.” They have even formed Police Associations and Unions enforcing that very culture against those precious few officers who would speak out, complete with intimidating and ostracizing tactics, threatening and worse – see James CassellsT.O. Police Officer (dubbed T.O.’s “Serpico” …..

And Google Jim Cassells or click here .

Many, if not all of these police associations are involved in fraudulent schemes and money-laundering racketeering to “feed” their own coffers while protected from just prosecution…

See- Cops and Kids Fishing – Canadian Tire Corporation….

So, what is the difference between a gang of cops with the name “Police Association” and any other gang involved in fraud, money-laundering, intimidation, ostracizing tactics, threatening and worse???

This corruption, in all its forms, has truly become an excepted “culture” permeating our society that most ordinary citizens are not only unaware of the extent of it, but unaware that it even exists and that the authorities are simply “turning a blind eye” to. And when the last vestige of hope, and freedom is extinguished, as many mainline-media not only suppress the truth for their own financial gain, but allow themselves to be intimidated into silence or engage in “self censorship,” finding themselves tainted through their own participation in this “culture of corruption,” little hope exists that the “slippery slope” will reverse itself: Certainly it is a problem we face here in Canada. If Canadians remain unaware of these billions in fraud being perpetrated against not only the masses but the very economy itself and spread like a hidden cancer, the results will soon manifest themselves in a massive collapse of the economy that no man, woman or child will escape the effects of or then not recognize.

And now, June 28, just released from jail; proof of my allegations of government personnel perpetrating pyramid/Ponzi schemes contained in a (CP) news story. The revelation is somewhat obscured in a few words at the end of a paragraph, when in my view, that revelation should have been “head line” news, particularly when, a modicum of journalist investigation would reveal (the “open secret”) that police officers, lawyers, politicians, accountants, teachers even church ministers are involved with CRA (Income Tax) personnel in perpetrating myriad pyramid/Ponzi schemes across this nation.

Take heed –“When the media refuses to inform and the public no longer questions, that is the beginning of the end of democracy.”  dave – CBNow.

p.s. Re: Gulf Oil Disaster: Send us an email at and we will send you the spread sheet with the formula.

NOTE: Quote from the original story above June 20, 2010, before my arrest on trumped up evidence……. “complainants and whistler blowers, rather than accepted as an asset to law enforcement and government regulators are instead treated with contempt and loathing, intimidated and harassed; their credibility and lives destroyed, and in some cases, if they publicly persist in attempting to expose this corruption, arrested on trumped up charges.”

And so, as predicted in the paragraph above June 20, 2010 I was arrested and jailed: So, here it is June 28, 2010 – Just released from jail!!! This time arrested (just ahead of the G20) while passing out these pamphlets at an Oakville high school. These charges we again maintain are false, abhorrent and simply retaliatory.

My arrest??? Trafalgar Memorial High-School staff realizing handing out pamphlets to students on public property is not an offence for which a citizen can be arrested and “removed” by police, and that clearly explained to them by attending Halton Regional Police, came up with a “creative,” alternative; an unrelated and abhorrent allegation that I maintain again, as with all the other allegations used in an attempt to silence me and suppress the truth, is grossly untrue and malicious.

Police did not witness this alleged incident, nor could they have, when it simply did not happen and only reacted to a verbalcomplaint, which, under, at least these particular set of circumstances, is their duty. But, we intend to discover how that complaint came about and whether police joined the conspiracy after the fact, and how diligently the authorities are probing the veracity of the allegations and the motives of the complainants, or if, with the usual and documented police and prosecutorial deliberate “tunnel vision” focusing only on the accused, have ignored evidence favourable to the accuse; evidence which would point to the innocence of the accused and cast considerable doubt on the veracity of the allegation of the complainants.

It is noteworthy that a couple of years ago I was invited by a grade 10 teacher at this very high school to explain to her class what our organization stands for and what we expose. I was not censored in anyway. I explained to the class how pyramid/Ponzi schemes defraud ordinary people, including students, and that through phone calls and emails to England informing Interpol, Scotland Yard, London and Manchester Police and contacting ordinary citizens and businesses we had been successful in shutting down the British “branch” of Treasures Traders International pyramid fraud originating in Mississauga Ontario; the scammer now in jail for criminal negligence causing death and his pyramid scheme, though never prosecuted by authorities, now the subject of a “class action civil law suit.”

I was allowed to explain to the students the involvement in these schemes, of police officers, lawyers, accountants, even teachers and church ministers. That was 2006, but the scheme was never shut down by authorities in Canada and “cookie cutter” copies of the same scheme are exponentially exploding and now actually deliberately targeting students through their propaganda, and abhorrently, with the knowledge of police and government authorities who continue to “turn a “blind eye” to these massive crimes of fraud.

i.e.EXCERPT FROM PAMPHLET:   ICF-World Homes Propaganda – Student:“Wouldn’t it be great to be able to afford the education tuition equal to your qualifications? Finish University without a student loan. Be able to live on residence, have your own car, have a large bank account before you start your career. Own your ICF Home in far less time than through using a conventional mortgage…..”  —-The Canadian Government and police authorities allow these crooks to operate untouched in Canada spreading these frauds world-wide.

And this excerpt…. Angry Father – there are kids recruiting kids in my son’s high school for this Global Wealth Trade thing, and it’s the travel packages and “jwelry” (sic). They are looking for around $1300 to start up. I’m miffed! My son is 17 and thinks this will be a great way to start up in the business world. It was like pulling teeth to try to get him to tell me what the “meeting” was about. Stop these guys! I am in Red Deer Alberta, and a lot of people are going to these meetings this year.

As we have always maintained, unbelievably, police, government personnel, politicians, lawyers, teachers, church ministers and the like are involved in these abhorrent, fraudulent schemes.

A couple years back I handed out pamphlets at a Mississauga High-School. I was bullied down the street by a young thug “masquerading” as a police officer. I demanded his identification and an occurrence number. He pulled at his shirt sleeve emphasizing his badge. “This is my badge; this is my gun; and that is the only identification I need!” was his reply. I lodged a formal complaint.

This time, to my surprise and elation, my complaint was handled not only professionally, but cordially. At the end of the investigation I met with the complaints’ officer. He was very apologetic explaining how tough law enforcement was becoming with the types of crimes now pervading our society, with mature officers leaving for smaller communities and even other employment. “The younger officers sometimes are ‘gung ho’ overstepping their authority” he lamented. He explained that the officer would have this on his record for five years rather than the usual three. He was to be removed from his “cushy job” at the high school, as the complaints’ officer described it, and reassigned to another area of the region. I accepted the apology commending him and the police force with respect to their swift and fair action. I then asked him if he would mind giving me those comments in a written formal report (as I had expected would be done).

He looked rather surprised indicating this was intended as a quick, informal, internal resolution of a complaint without a formal acknowledgement. I asked if he would mind simply and informally stating in writing, these few sentences of explanation and apology. He began writing then changed his mind, stating he would have to contact senior officers. I felt that the way this complaint had been dealt with that acknowledged in writing, would be a “positive” for the police force.

In the next meeting he said “higher-ups” had refused. I impressed upon him that I had made a formal complaint and expected a formal resolution. Well that would take longer, he explained, that’s why they had resolved the matter (in his opinion) informally. The third meeting became somewhat hostile, and it was made clear to me that a formal complaint would require a lot more paperwork and further investigation. I stood firm. Then came the usual “paper-war,” hostility, and arrogance I was accustomed to from police.

I received a written report in which (after “further investigation”) it was claimed that a teacher at the high school had now made a statement alleging I had been trespassing in the cafeteria of Clarkston High School,Mississauga handing out pamphlets to students. I have never set foot inside Clarkston Mississauga High School, and now a female teacher was prepared to lie in retaliation for what she felt was something objectionable at her school… the handing out of pamphlets warning of pyramid/Ponzi schemes defrauding unwitting students.

The whole matter of a written resolution of my police complaint was lost in a deliberate obfuscated “paper war” having to wait weeks for replies, and having to negotiate through a “sea” of bureaucratic “red tape” and misdirection….. Obfuscation by deluge!!! I never did receive a formal written apology.

I was not in the school cafeteria handing out pamphlets or other scenarios falsely alleged. These were outright malicious fabrications by a teacher highly motivated in having me illegally removed from the high school then “parroted” by willing police: And for good reason: I was informing students that teachers and school board officials, government personnel, police officers from the RCMP on down, lawyers, accountants even church ministers are perpetrators of these pyramid schemes ….. i.e. the wife and school principle daughter of Jerry Roberts, the Director of the Board of Education, London Ontario, successfully sued for their participation in the massive world-wide pyramid fraud; the Women Empowering Women pyramid scheme, dubbed the “Fraud of the Decade” and the involvement of politician Jan Johnstone, Board of Education, Kincardine Ontario etc; all suppressed by the OPP, prosecutor’s office and government investigators and now these schemes perpetrated by teachers on their own students.

So here it is June 28, 2010 just released from custody. For over six years I have maintained that among others of authority, CRA (Tax Department) personnel are heavily involved in the perpetrating of pyramid schemes. In 2004 I actually picketed the Income Tax Office in Kitchener; bull horn and all, after learning many in that office were involved in pyramid schemes. So image not only my surprise at the (CP) news story, but the coincidental timing when I hopped the bus from jail heading home and picked up the Metro News lying on a seat and opening up the first page finding a news article obtained by the media under the Freedom of Information Act about an internal investigation and report suppressed and withheld from the public by the CRA….. This is the relevant excerpt:


Internal reports show an average of 85 [CRA] employees a year are disciplined for wasting their work days surfing the web, setting up sports pools, sending chain letters, promoting “illegal substances,” sharing offensive cartoons and running pyramid schemes.

June 28 (CP) – The Globe& Mail

That is the truth; all of it….. That is the reality!!!

dave –

Global and Play TV


March 19 2010

As of March 26 this gambling fraud with be off the air. Yes, the “Play TV Canada” illegal gambling scheme will shut down March 26 2010.

Now, charges should be laid and the money returned to the victims and punitive damages awarded and fines assessed. But don’t hold your breath on that one!!! But we should keep complaining to authorities, including your MPs & MPPs.


March 12 2010

Global TV has, for a number of years, and is currently perpetrating a criminal gambling fraud in contravention of section 206 (1)(e) of the Canadian Criminal Code. This mind-boggling “program” disguised as an “on-air contest” also under the guise of “advertising”, (a new “acronym” for illegal gambling) employs a series of ambiguous puzzles which are equally abhorrent. The potential for abuse in this gambling fraud is obvious to anyone who debunks fraud, and certainly should be obvious to at least some investigative reporters “worth even half their salt.”

This illegal gambling fraud is perpetrated “on-air” anytime between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. Fridays & Saturdays with bizarre carnival-type “pitch” men and women carrying on with an equally bizarre format.

In a feeble attempt to mask this, not only illegal, but fraudulent gambling scam and lend an “air” of legitimacy; boldly announced, and written across the TV screen, is a disclaimer noting that participants must be at least eighteen years of age, implying that this, somehow, makes the scam legal …. A bit like a bank robber advertising that participants in their gang must be at least eighteen years of age!!! Also accepted are free online computer entries, again implying that an illegal gambling scheme may be perpetrated as long as a few entries are free. This is equivalent to running an illegal “gaming house” and allowing a controlled number of people one free shot at the “tables.”

Play TV Canada is simply another unconscionable scheme under the same “Rob Peter to Pay Paul” provisions of the Criminal Code governing pyramid/Ponzi schemes that are also perpetrated by members of the media, police, corrupted government personnel, lawyers, accountants, church ministers, etc., with government and law enforcement simply turning their backs and “blind eye” to it all.

We might have thought Global TV had learned their lesson several years when one of their personalities along with an RCMP officer’s wife were charged for their participation in the pyramid scheme W.I.N.E., the exact same pyramid scheme, aka…. “Women Empowering Women,” “Women Helping Women,” “Dinner Club,” “Circle of Friends” etc, etc; these schemes all prohibited under section 206 (1)(e) of the Criminal Code of Canada.

EXCERPT: “Six women have been charged for taking part in a pyramid scheme. Among them an RCMP officer’s wife and a well-known Winnipeg celebrity. The pyramid scheme is called WINE. It stands for “Women Improving their Needs through Financial Empowerment.”

The lure is to make a $5,000 investment and benefit from the returns. Police say the original investment goes to the people at the top, the people at the bottom are supposed to attract more women. Police won’t say how much money is involved, but six women are charged with getting involved.

Marjorie Stevens is one of them. She’s a television personality known for her career as a broadcaster at CKND, the Global affiliate in Winnipeg. She’s also been charged with laundering the profits.”

Read more: f&oq=

This certainly gives rise to a profound question….. With government and police authorities “willfully blind” protecting this fraudulent gambling scheme perpetrated by Global TV, would any right-minded individual expect Global TV to expose the massive pyramid scheme being perpetrated openly by police, corrupted government personnel, lawyers, accountants, church ministers, etc., within a few miles of the Global TV Studios? Global TV is suppressing the truth and covering up police scams, and the police reciprocate by protecting Global TV from just prosecution. It’s the way the “game is played” and many of the rest of the media are ignoring, suppressing, participating in, or being paid off through “advertising” for promoting these various fraudulent pyramid/Ponzi schemes and illegal gambling. (Just like Al Capone in the ’30 just a bit more subtle.)

That is the truth ……. That is the reality.

Check out


Mike Battista’s Blog

By special request for “Anonymous John”

March 10 2010

John wrote…

Dave seems to always harp back to his insistence that anonymity = lack of credibility. I’m starting to even doubt you are even the real Dave Thornton, especially since you make NO MENTION of PlayTV on your website, even though you are clearly interested in them.

So put your money where your mouth is. If you really are Dave and you really are confident about your S206 (1)(e) argument, put it on your website, Just state that the call-in TV show “PlayTV Canada” ( violates Section 206(1)(e) of the Canadian Criminal Code and the reasons why you believe so. Heck, just cut & paste your previous comment if you want. (While you’re at it, post a link to this blog as well.)

Then post the link here on this board.

If you can’t, it either means:
1) You aren’t the real Dave, and just some fake posing as him OR
2) You have so little confidence in your argument that you’re not willing to put your name on it, making you no better than the anonymous posters you disparage.

Ball’s in your court.


March 12 2010

Dave – CrimeBustersNow – wrote…

To John and readers of these forums..

John is trying to put more words into my mouth and again with innuendo, trying to make something out of nothing. (BTW John did you discover that more than one attorney general (plural) is “attorneys general???) as your “nit-picking” attempted to point out was an error on my part. That would seem to indicate we can rule out you being a lawyer or law student, unless a very incompetent one.

For the record John, your narrow equation, anonymity = lack of credibility is neither accurate nor is it my view. I worked for over two years with an anonymous British entity identifying himself only as “Captain Blyth. I suspect he was in the government. He said he was very close to “these people” and the scam was quickly shut down by British authorities. I was able to cross-check any documents and information and able to put trust in him and his information, albeit anonymous because it was credible. One should simply be very cautious about believing anything an anonymous person is touting particularly when they’re spreading other people’s anonymous gossip and unfounded accusations, especially provable unfounded allegations, on the intent to discredit someone else. And of course, when I know the nonsense you are selectively “cherry-picking” from others on the internet and bring here is false or “twisted.” Here is one of the threads on this website if you are looking for the truth.

It is the little things one looks for as a detective: A detective with integrity adheres to the truth in what the facts he uncovers, reveal. He does not attempt to “spin” facts into innuendo, the motivation of which is to “paint a sinister picture;” and a mirror image of the truth to destroy someone. …. Like when the media and police conspired to destroy a person who is uncovering their corruption by making a “big deal” out of occurrence reports. i.e. Published….. “He admits he has had 36 occurrences in the past two years [1998 – 2000] with the OPP.” …. Now, that looks pretty horrendous considering these 36 occurrences consist as they do,  assault, assault with a weapon, drugs, theft, causing a disturbance, etc, etc, and in a space of only two years… if you see what I mean.

So what were they; these occurrences? This fellow ran a municipal trailer park through a tender because the town could not control it. He cleaned it up and actually got a write-up in a Canada-Wide prestigious campground magazine. The assaults etc, were on him!!! One of them serious: Attacked at 3:00 AM by a hammer-wielding assailant who broke his ribs and smashed the telephone as he attempted to dial 911: He found a lady’s purse on the beach and turned it in, not realizing nor particularly concerned that it generated “a numbered occurrence report.” He threw out the drug users and dealers who had ridden “rough shot” over the park for years: He helped a fellow stopped by the police late one night with his tail lights out. It was a short circuit, the wire burned. He replaced the burned wire and the fellow, police would not allow to continue with his lights out, who needed to get home for work the next day, was on his way with his family. That generated an occurrence report. The cops called him a “good Samaritan.” He simply replied… “It was nothing really. I had the tools, I knew how to fix it, and the hour or so it took was nothing compared to the inconvenience this fellow and his family were facing. I hope if I am ever in trouble someone will do the same for me.”

Then the illegal pyramid scheme came to town. And unaware of those of authority in it, he attempted to get two women their money back and that’s when “all hell broke loose” and eventually these occurrence reports were taken out of context, deliberately used, along with myriad other fabricated “evidence” spun into gossip and unjustly used against him: Some of the very gossip, John, you’re picking up on the Internet, and without checking the validity, actively spreading it.  And yes that was me, John. Never needed to ever mention it, until my credibility was viciously attacked.

It has been said… “Lies are easy: It is the truth that takes a lot of explaining.”

Now, addressing your other issues: About carrying Play TV Canada on my website: I am simply extremely busy dealing with several of these schemes worldwide; all with much larger losses than $2 or $100 a hit. Right now I am investigating the case of the 70-year-old Ontario Reeve, a former politician who shot to death a Vietnamese-Canadian Ontario Provincial Police Office. They were from the same church. I have come across some interesting information that I believe, bears investigating.

I also have to admit, I am not technically savvy on the computer, lacking the expertise to post or even edit stories on my own website making it much easier to post on these specific blogs where frauds are being discussed. Victims need to be aware of the “big picture” and why these frauds are even allowed to start-up in the first place and the power behind them….. It is political corruption and corruption within government and law enforcement and the duplicity of the media, as is apparent with Global TV airing this particular scam….. i.e. How do you think, for example, Global TV would handle the story of the massive pyramid scheme, a violation of section 206 (1)(e) operating winith a few miles of their own studios involving RCMP and others of authority, government personnel, church ministers, etc???…. Good question to ponder within the “big picture”, don’t you think, John???

And you question my identity. Now if you were any kind of an amateur detective at all, before spreading all kinds of new gossip and innuendo, all you need do is contact me from the CrimeBustersNow website to confirm who I am. On every post I sign my name dave – CBNow and my contact information below . There you can read the decision of the Ontario Superior Court which identifies me as David John Thornton – Oakville Ontario and my email so I can be contacted. You can also find me all over the internet phone# and all [888-810-6736]. I don’t know if phone numbers are allowed here, but that’s what a smart “detective” (amateur or otherwise) would do.

Now John, after challenging two multimillion-dollar companies, and successfully defending myself in that $10 million liable suit against a 24 lawyer prestigious law firm, and the crooks I go after, don’t you think your accusation…. “You have so little confidence in your argument that you’re not willing to put your name on it, making you no better than the anonymous posters you disparage”……. actually “rings a bit hollow???”

However, to make you happy I will write a story and get my guy in Quebec to post it along with comments pasted from this forum, and the link to Mike Battista blog.  Actually, it’s not a bad idea to post the link on our site. I have simply been too busy with frauds much bigger than this one: However, directly involving the media as it does, there is a unique situation reflected here; a larger principle, with larger implications. Maybe it will get the attention it deserves. Thank for the suggestion. And consider this…


2000. Six women have been charged for taking part in a pyramid scheme. Among them an RCMP officer’s wife and a well-known Winnipeg celebrity. The pyramid scheme is called WINE. It stands for “Women Improving their Needs through Financial Empowerment.”

“The lure is to make a $5,000 investment and benefit from the returns. Police say the original investment goes to the people at the top, the people at the bottom are supposed to attract more women. Police won’t say how much money is involved, but six women are charged with getting involved.

Marjorie Stevens is one of them. She’s a television personality known for her career as a broadcaster at CKND, the Global affiliate in Winnipeg. She’s also been charged with laundering the profits.

Read more:

2009 – And the schemes are back. f&oq=

This certainly gives rise to a profound question….. With government and police authorities “willfully blind” protecting this fraudulent gambling scheme perpetrated by Global TV, would any rightminded individual expect Global TV to expose the massive pyramid scheme being perpetrated openly by police, corrupted government personnel, lawyers, accountants, church ministers, etc., within a few miles of the Global TV Studios? Global TV is suppressing the truth and covering up police scams, and the police reciprocate by protecting Global TV from just prosecution. It’s the way the “game is played” and many of the rest of the media are ignoring, suppressing, participating in, or being paid off through “advertising” for promoting these various fraudulent pyramid/Ponzi schemes and illegal gambling. (Just like Al Capone in the ’30 ……just a bit more subtle.)

That is the truth ……. That is the reality.

David John Thornton aka  888-810-6736