The Donald Trump Manifesto

 The Donald Trump Manifesto

David Johh Thornton & CrimeBustersNow vs Donald John Trump & ACN

ACN is a world-wide Ponzi/pyramid scheme, on a massive scale mathematically destined to collapse as surely as the Madoff Ponzi scheme. ACN fraud is endorsed by none other than the Pied Piper of Corporate Corruption, Donald Trump.

As a Ponzi/pyramid scheme ACN is a violation of the 55.1 of the Canadian Federal Competition Act; Sections 206 (1)(e) and 380 of  the Canadian Criminal Code. It follows that ACN in Canada, and no doubt in many U.S. states, is a criminal conspiracy designed to defraud victims through a product masked Ponzi/pyramid scheme and those such as Donald Trump and his minions are the criminals promoting this product masked fraud.

It appears that Donald Trump and the DSA lobby have also, as many other criminals, successfully exerted enough influence on Canadian Government officials as to stave off just prosecution, and very much like the original story of the Pied Piper has been able to control our government officials to the extent that they are, once again, willfully turning a “blind eye” allowing, and encouraging flamboyant criminal like this to defraud our students, enticing them into criminal activity and away from their legitimate studies while at the same time robbing them of their tuition savings, some borrowing money on their credit cards they cannot afford and robbing them of years of their lives that will never be recovered legally in the pursuit of ACN…. a  “dead end” Ponzi scheme and by following the evil Pied Piper of Corporate Corruption into the same mathematically doomed quagmire as the infamous Bernie Madoff cultivated for his victims.

Unlike Bernie Madoff’s quiet and conservative scam, you, Donald promote ACN through a disgusting EVANGELICAL CULT LIKE ACTIVITY which is bad enough; but, ACN is an indictable criminal activity in Canada, as surely as bank robbery.

CrimeBustersNow has a mission to expose and destroy the ACN fraud as we have other fraudulent schemes, and challenge the Great Donald Trump; the Pied Piper of Corporate Corruption to a “real” reality show if front of a real Ontario Superior Court Judge respecting, of course, the “rules of engagement” of the “blow hard” himself …… The Great Donald Trump.

Donald Trump ….. “I love pitting people against each other. My whole life is based on that. It brings out the best in people and the worst in people.”

David Thornton – CrimeBustersNow …… I love “kicking the collective asses” of well connected fraud artists. “So let’s go Mr. Trump; you and me “pitted against one another” in the Ontario Superior Court:
The truth of CrimeBustersNow against the Criminal Conspiracy that is ACN; ….. as you said Donald…. “The best and the Worst”.

It’s true Donald, you relish “reality shows” paying people for the privilege of insulting and bullying them. So I challenge you, Donald Trump, to a real “reality show;” in front of a real judge, in a real Ontario Court with as many real and unconscionable and ruthless lawyers as your billions can buy. I will appear undefended armed with only my research, grade 10, and my post secondary education in the “School of Hard Knocks,” and I will kick your billionaire pyramid fraud “snake oil salesmen’s” sorry ass, on behalf of victimized students, seniors, immigrants, the financially unsophisticated, single stay at home moms and financially desperate dads who become prey to you unconscionable “corporate” scum and your less than ethical lawyers!

You are promoting a criminal conspiracy to rip off citizens in my country. I want you to denounce ACN as a criminal pyramid fraud, or take your sorry ass and your criminal conspiracy to defraud Canadians the hell out of my country, or take me on in court for defamatory libel and try to prove what you are doing is legal; you corrupt scum.

There’s your prima facie case made out for you, Donald Trump. Defamation!!! Right now I’m accusing you of participating in criminal activity in my country! See if you can now prove, in front of an Ontario Judge, that’s defamatory libel and get an interim injunction to shut my website down. No one has succeeded Yet!!! Not Treasure Traders International or Business in Motion suing me for 10Mil. Not the following who have threatened to sue me…American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) themselves assisting in promoting the pyramid fraud Canadian Diamond Trader, (their top jewel AIG); The Sum-It Club Woodbridge Ont.., not even the crooks of the Canadian Diamond Traders or Global Wealth Trade. The Ontario Police Association and many others that I have “outed” as international money-laundering crooks liars gangsters and thieves all over the world-wide net, can’t muster the guts to even send me a warning letter or e-mail. I’m a senior; but they all appear afraid of the “old alligator?”………..You’re not, are you Donald???

I did learn something from you, Donald Trump. You said “Wall Streeters are scum.” (But I say, so are “snake oil salesmen” and pyramid fraud artists). You said “Hit those suckers back fifteen times harder they’ll never do it again.” (That’s what I intend to do, Donald, legally). You said, “Fear is bull.” (And you and your billions and your connections don’t frighten me at all Donald Trump). “Never give up.” You said “Go with your gut, even if it’s against the tide” ….I say against the tide of world-wide pyramid fraud and Ponzi Schemes and fraudulent MLM and Network Marketing promoted by “corporate” scum like you, with corrupt lawyers, cops and politicians in your pocket. i.e. Toronto mayor and corrupt cops, and the Canadian Federal Government.

It’s you and me Donald; David vs. Corrupt Corporate Goliath. Take the challenge, or are you chicken? You can hardly write me off, I’ve proven myself a worthy opponent in Superior Court. All you have to do is sue me and sit back and see if I can prove to an Ontario Superior Judge that ACN is illegal; a fraudulent Ponzi/pyramid scheme. If I can’t, you will win the prize, and have my site shut down and many, many other crooks will surely thank you for that. It seems I am the biggest “thorn in their side”. The last two corporations and their firm of 24 lawyers couldn’t shut me down. This is a legitimate challenge considering that 18 page court decision! The Gauntlet is down. Your move Mr. Trump; you unconscionable, bulling piece of scum.

It should be fun: You like bullying people, Mr. Trump, but always making sure you have the “edge”. I would, of course, expect a slight handicap as given by knights of old, and since money is nothing to you I would expect you to pay the few hundred dollars it will cost for my filing fees, a few expenses like a couple of witnesses etc. It wouldn’t be much; since I will not be employing expensive counsel your billons can buy and corrupt.

David John Thornton
President – World-wide non profit organization CrimeBustersNow. 905-963-3389

P.S. to the reader out there…. I need a computer graphic designer that can help me with a good cartoon of this Pied Piper of Organized Corporate Fraud

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