Ontario Police Association

Would you give a dollar……….

So a Kid could go Fishing……….

With a COP???

Would you give that same dollar…. knowing a minimum of only 17 cents was guaranteed to go to the Cops and the Kids…… while U.S. telemarketers, guarantee themselves up to 83 cents of your dollar which ends up in the coffers of an American company, Millennium Teleservices in Charleston West Virginia!!! Many of these calls now even originating from the U.S. into Canada so even Canadian telemarketers are no longer being paid?!!

This year that 17% has unbelievably dwindled to 15.5%….. Now, I witnessed a Canadian telemarketing company owner “grab” over $5,000 in one hour “clear” in his pocket, just before lunch “working” the telephone, and that company at the time guaranteed 40% of its proceeds to the service clubs and charities. I exposed the company, GWE, (Great West Entertainment) and Mike Platts, on CTV’s “W5” investigative show. My face was obscured but not my voice. I was assaulted and “rough up” by the “room manager.” I had been offered the next level of $2,500 to $3,000 /wk. and did not show the appropriate appreciation and instead quit and exposed them!!!…. They were “ripping off” Handicapped Kids!! That I could not participate in! After the exposé, they changed their name to the now-infamous Xentel Corporation their illegal escapades easily tracked on Google.

I would love to receive assistance writing the book on TELEMARKETERS & fraud artists.

Readers would be absolutely amazed !!! The “pitches”… the tactics,…. how your name is put into a central computer and rather than being labeled a generous citizen you are labeled a “mark” or “tap” and that “Tap Card” is used in other campaigns of other service clubs and charities. That “tap card” holder calling you, knows exactly what you gave to another charity and how much you are “good for.”  Before realizing this was a fraud, I was one of the company’s best salesmen. My next bracket was $2500 $3000 a week. I have been made several offers to raise funds for other so-called respectable organizations. Some will even show you how to get paid under the table. No income tax!

I chose to do this instead. Unfortunately, it only costs money and brands me crazy! But, when I see seniors, struggling to do their part to help kids, and up to 84.5% of their hard-earned equity and pension checks siphoned off into the pockets of wealthy telemarketers, and international money-laundering racketeers, while government agencies such as the Federal Competition Bureau, Provincial Securities Commissions,  police authorities and private “Watch Dog” organizations such as the BBB, Chambers of Commerce (AmCham), the news media and even Police Associations and now the Association of Chiefs of Police, etc: members of all these organizations perpetrating and/or facilitating these frauds receiving untold millions in public taxes and private donations supposedly to combine forces to stop fraud, while instead, turning a “blind eye” standing by doing virtually nothing but “sucking up to the corrupt police and organized corporate crime”, it is that, convincing me what I am doing is the right thing to do!!

According to one police officer and others –  “Morality is some kind of mental disease, the cure for which is wads of cash.” – David John Thornton …CBNow….  As this cop put it to me….. “You’re Crazy”  (that’s the mental disease) “Why didn’t you just “shut up” and take the money?”  (That, apparently, the cure).

These well-oiled schemes make me want to vomit. New pitches are developed from your conversation with the telemarketer…. These guys can even fool generous lawyers and politicians, with their pitches in the myriad scams they perpetrate, as well as police, although with police they are either helping to cover up for these “scam artists” or are themselves genuinely duped.  I have found both to be the case.

And what about the prosecutors whose legal obligation is to prosecute these schemes and protect society from these fraud artists???…… They know what’s going on, they’ve known for years and just playing politics. With billions at stake and millions to stave off prosecution and the potential for corruption and pay-offs, it becomes patently obvious why laws against fraud are not enforced. We can prove all of this: CrimeBustersNow does not defame programs, corporations, individuals cops, and government, or utter and publish serious accusations without facts. And remember, the establishment does not pursue “crazy” people with wild un-provable stories and “conspiracy theories!” Witness the RCMP’s false arrest of the President of CrimeBustersNow and the subsequent “dropping of charges” when the “top cops” were caught on video in December 2008 by CBC’s Marketplace.


Now, if you have a question on any suspected pyramid/Ponzi scheme perpetrated by individuals or companies or telemarketing companies pitching charity or service clubs, your best source of information is this website. You won’t likely get this information from your local news media such as the Mississauga News, Oakville Beaver or The Record. The best The Record in Kitchener can do is devote a third of the Front Page to a man looking at fish in an aquarium, and the following day, I believe, another man with a snake around his neck, and today (when this was first published online) almost the whole front page devoted to sports announcements.  Surely that’s sports page news and 8th-page human interest stories….. Seniors in the community ripped off through fraud, or what happened to another neighbour dragged away assaulted, and intimidated by police on a false complaint for attempting to expose pyramid fraud that a Corrupt Lawyer, Tony (The Legal Wease) GaGliese, police officers, and at least one Provincial Prosecutor/Teacher at Humber College, Wendy Ramroop were perpetrating without this mother’s knowledge, involving her daughter and her friend (the story of Marion S. of Oakville, elsewhere on this site)…….  Now this is front-page news, unfortunately, suppressed in favour of and facilitating fraud, replacing that with “safe stories” of fish, snakes, and sports.

Now, it takes months to produce a really good salesperson trained to manipulate you into saying yes! It takes CrimeBustersNow two minutes to debunk them and show you how to say NO!………….. Or your own thoughtfully colorful phrase! …..Learn how a little education can really empower you!!! Empower yourself, listen, and understand what is really going on in Canadian policing and government!

Now, if you receive a telemarketing call or an email requesting money, simply ask the person “Are you a volunteer? Is that your real name Bill or your telemarketing name? Do you work for a telemarketing or promotion company?…. how much money do you make personally on this ‘fund raiser’ Bill?…. Why can’t you tell me, Bill?  It is my money after all and if I’m donating it, why can’t you tell me, Bill?  What are you’re doing with our donations Bill?  Are you really going to bus 30,000 physically and mentally challenged kids to see a  magic show or the Shrine Circus or is that what people in your“game” call “selling the same ticket” 1000’s of times over?” ……… It’s Simple Folks!! Don’t get “sucked” into buying books of tickets or a cash donation for nonexistent underprivileged, physically or mentally challenged children in scams such as this, notwithstanding those soliciting you represent the firefighter’s, cop’s and the police chief’s associations.

Now, if these telemarketers really bug you…… unlike the mainline news media which might tell you a story or two, leaving out most of the critical detail of course, and leaving you frustrated as to what action you can take against these fraudsters, forget the nonsense of calling the impotent Crime Stoppers, or the questionable character, OPP Officer Barry Elliot of Phone Busters suppressing crime, the equally impotent BBB, the nearly useless Competition Bureau, Michael Shibley and the rest (who should be fried for facilitating and supporting pyramid/Ponzi schemes and fraudulent fundraising) or the RCMP Recol or any of the other agency doing virtually nothing, and simply follow the instructions on this website…. remember CrimeBustersNow always has the simplest and most practical solutions ………

Here is the 800 number of Millennium Teleservices in Charleston West Virginia… 800-423-9411 …. call them! Do it! Ask them questions…….. “Hey! does this questionable fundraising “on behalf of the Ontario Police Association” give as little as 15.5% to the cops which then is used for the “general welfare” of “The Ontario Police Association” (a boy’s club) and the politically popular promotion of the abolishment of “Club Feb” “and let’s keep prisoners in jail longer”, and then some dribbles to “kids fishing”, “the very line” used as the “hook” to “fish” in civic-minded citizens, particularly seniors?”……

Kids fishing!!!… imagine… the cops using a tiny percentage of the donations to take a few token kids fishing, the very activity many individuals and organizations do at their own personal expense, just for the fun and enjoyment: And using that program to mask 100’s of million perhaps billions in international money-laundering fraud and racketeering. Shame on our Canadian Police, and shame on our Canadian Government!!!

Now, imagine, thousands of disgusted citizens, students, seniors etc., simply calling the telemarketers!!! Poetic justice I’d say: Defeated by their own success!!! Throughout the day you might think of 4or5 questions to ask,….. hey!…. Ask ’em it’s toll-free!… You might even want to share with them how these calls “bug you” at mealtime and when you have important things to do. Who knows they might possibly, though I doubt it, even give you a passionate ear! (And maybe this story might get covered by “THE PASSIONATE EYE” (tv program)

CrimeBustersNow gives you simple low, or no-cost “ammunition” you decide what to do with it!

You might call CTV and ask them to re-run a mid 80.’s show about GWE …(Great West Entertainment) and Mike Platts, and the books of tickets supposedly for handicapped children in Mississauga. And see if the CTV’s W5  or CBC’s 5th estate can dig up the earlier fund-raising of GWE for Camp Mikashone (sic) in Muskoka Ontario supposedly for handicapped athletes which didn’t exist, and the laundered millions from that scam used to then finance and create GWE and the means by which to “buy” respectability, and police silence, allowing the crooks to then “weasel” their way into “Fund-raising” for recognized service clubs using their “perceived” credibility to fraudulently “rip you off.” This same type of fundraising that is going on today condoned by authorities, with their full knowledge, participation, even their involvement!!

And this then begs the question ……… Do underprivileged, mentally and physically challenged children’s charities use promoters to raise money for their causes, or are promoters and those who hire them exploiting these children as economic pawns to line their own selfish pockets with millions of your hard-earned dollars that you were duped into believing were going to help these kids.???!!!

Record these scam artists and send it to us at CrimeBustersNow. If you do come across any fraud, or questionable fundraising, don’t bother with the frustrating OPP Barry Elliot and Phone Busters. Other than to leave a record that you did report the fraud, just e-mail it to  The Online Vigilante 4 Justice  onlinevigilante4justice@gmail.com . We will try to expose it and track it down. Many, many apparent reputable charity fund-raising schemes are really based upon misleading or outright fraudulent misrepresentation.

Watch this site and you will be amazed at these frauds as they’re exposed one by one and the people behind them. We hope the CrimeBustersNow site will fill the “news vacuum” left since mainline news media has been “hijacked” by Corporate America, pyramid fraud, and the legal profession telling them which stories to run and which not.

In my view, reporters have sold their “journalistic ethics” to “Corporate America” and political persuasion. It certainly is what the, then, Kitchener-Waterloo Record their reporters (save a couple), CKCO TV, CHYM Radio and other news media did years ago when they conspired among themselves, big business, and local politicians to suppress the story of the tearing down of Kitchener City Hall and the construction of the Eaton Oxley Centre. They have that power!!! Why should suppression of the news with respect to billions in this corruption be any different today? In fact, as has been recently demonstrated worldwide, it’s worse.

A senior lady in Kitchener complained after a conversation with these telemarketers calling “on behalf of” the “Ontario Police Association”. She had felt intimidated and was coerced into donating $120. How do you think she feels to learn up to 84.5%, ($91.90) of her pension went straight into the pockets of U.S. psychological telemarketers with only $28.10 going to “the general well being” of the boy’s club (OPA) and who knows what little actually left to pay cops to take kids fishing???!!! Is it legal??? What, fraud??? ….I don’t think so!!!! It should certainly be investigated. The question is by whom??? It doesn’t sit well with me and those I know, including good cops. It is immoral, unethical, and illegal. Authorities have done nothing; that’s why CBNow was created.

But, now you know the truth. If you see nothing wrong with this method of Fund-raising, and if you still want to give, then at least now you have an “informed choice”.  If not, call the “phone artists” and complain 800-423-9411 and if you feel our organization informed you like none of the others, and saved you or your grandparents from shady telemarketing and if would like to donate to something worthwhile, keep the 84.5% and send CrimeBustersNow 14.5% or even half that and we will continue this fight against corruption on behalf of all citizens. Or donate more so we can get that van more quickly, and drive by Universities, Colleges, High Schools, spreading our message to the kids.

P.S.: Does anyone out there know how many kids were actually taken fishing by cops after this extravaganza “fundraiser?”

Here are two photos exposing Waterloo Region Police Force brutality:

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