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May 4, 2011

Report on fraud and corruption – Waterloo Region

CrimeBustersNow – May 4, 2011 – Bankruptcy of Pigeon King International – Delay, delay, delay. Will this whole matter be delayed into oblivion while Galbraith avails himself of all the expensive legal resources, paid out of victim’s assets and taxpayers’ pockets as though he engaged in a “legal enterprise?” But then this is the “Canadian Way”…. U.S. – Madoff’s scam was exposed December 8, 2008: March 2009 in jail, later sentenced to 150 years.

Canada Harbours White-collar Racketeers: Confirmation of what we maintained for years with respect to white-collar racketeering and money-laundering commercial crime in Canada is finally being recognized in the light of recent comments of the prime minister regarding Canada as having a worldwide reputation of being “soft” on “white-collar crime.” As we mathematically predicted, these schemes grow exponentially, then implode. In our opinion, Galbraith should have, and certainly could have been ordered to “cease and desist” and arrested over half-a-decade ago saving unwitting North American Farm families 10s of millions of dollars and the horrific psychological and emotional pain and suffering they now endure, (two farmers said to be on suicide watch) The police, media, BBB, etc, “couldn’t see it”…. of course not when they simply chose to arrogantly remain “willfully blind” until the scheme imploded.

We were able to predict with mathematical certainty that PKI would grow exponentially then implode on or before June 30, 2008. But no authorities we approached in Canada would listen. Fraud is rampant in Canada.  On January 12, 2011, Manitoba RCMP charged 13 co-conspirators in the TTI & BIM scam operating out of Mississauga with the assistance and participation of corrupt police from the RCMP on down etc. The creator of this scheme bragged in 2009, in a YouTube Video, how he operated for 15 years with RCMP officers, government personnel, business consultants, and church ministers in his scam. Many farm families were also defrauded in this scheme. Attempting to expose lax law enforcement MACLEANS Magazine published an exposé February 2006 entitled… The Mounties Give Up…. “The RCMP is walking away from serious investigations, and failing to snag fraudsters…and white-collar criminals”….. confirming assertions CrimeBustersNow has maintained for years with respect to white-collar racketeering and money-laundering commercial crime in Canada; particularly abhorrent, pyramid/Ponzi schemes and fraudulent so-called “charity” telemarketing: Fraud is rampant and the upper echelon, including police, politicians, government personnel i.e. CRA personnel etc, the very perpetrators of these schemes, suppressed and “downplayed” by the mainstream media.

Canada – The Nigeria of North America: Call the Kitchener Record, CKCO TV, CTV, CBC and simply ask them what evidence they were given, the lengths they went to, what dirty tactics they employed in order to withheld from their “brainwashed,” fact-deprived readers and audiences, the truth behind this and other fraudulent schemes and how the media act as enablers and facilitators of these scams.

A MATTER OF CREDIBILITY: – The TTI & BIM $10,000,000 S.L.A.P.P. (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation)

Having our Superior Court Judgment in the Matter of Treasure Traders International & Business In Motion v. David John Thornton, November 30, 2006 finally published in the media (CBC Marketplace February 6, 2009) certainly more than establishes CrimeBustersNow credibility with respect to recognizing pyramid/Ponzi schemes vis-à-vis the “credibility” of the Waterloo Regional Fraud Squad. In fact, unbelievably a Waterloo Regional fraud detective appeared on CTV National News, notwithstanding I personally explained the PKI scam many time, directing fraud officers to a lawyer who taught in two universities willing to consult with the police, pro bono; beseeched them to consult a professor of mathematics, and a professor of business, this Waterloo Regional fraud officer nonetheless, on CTV, in front of the world disseminated what has now been proved a prejudicial, untruthful, and abhorrently harmful and ridiculous statement…. “We can find nothing criminal in the operation of Pigeon King International”. A CBC “news anchor” reinforced that same ridiculous mantra, parroting… “This is clearly legal in Canada” and the George Stroumboulopoulos Show, joking about this extremely serious fraud, gave Galbraith yet another advertising venue and with the “legal clearance” from the Fraud Squad allowed Galbraith to continue his fraud until it mathematically collapsed taking an unnecessary number of North American farm families with it: And do you think the police appeared on National T.V. spouting a “legal opinion” without the guidance and instruction and their “strings pulled” by the prosecutor’s office where most of this corruption actually originates? Think about it!!!


I was first alerted to PKI Ponzi scheme by a farmer in the Lucknow area of Ontario, in the summer of 2007 while investigating the infamous “Women Empowering Women” pyramid scheme perpetrated by lawyers, wives of  the judiciary, financial advisors, politicians, tax department personnel, police officers, correction’s personnel, teachers, accountants, nurses, doctors, business people even church ministers etc. The concerned farmer was very much aware of the WEW pyramid and those of prominence perpetrating the fraud in his area. He asked if I was aware of a fellow advertizing pigeons on the local radio station. I was unaware of PKI at that time. The farmer was not only concerned, he was, I might add, obviously frightened, scanning the isles assuring he was not overheard relating this information. “Galbraith has money and threatens to sue anyone who badmouths him,” he cautioned. It was immediately apparent, as he explained the operation, that PKI was a classic Ponzi scheme.

Contacting the Iowa Attorney General in 2007: Subsequent to informing the Waterloo Regional Police and local Kitchener-Waterloo media and after intimidation, harassment and threats I was receiving, I contacted the Iowa Attorney General’s office. Assistant A.G. Steve Moline, unaware Galbraith was operating in his state, in a friendly and concerned tone, simply enquired…  “What is he doing?” I simply explained …“He’s selling pigeons for $500/pr, then purchasing the offspring for $50 and selling them to the next farmer for $500/pr, with, by his own admission, no current market; the birds apparently useless and only being used as a clever ruse; the financing to sustain the entire scheme generated from later investors.”… “If what you are telling me is correct…”  Moline cautioned… “this is indeed a Ponzi scheme.” Moline took immediate action demanding Galbraith under oath explain his “business activities” in the state of Iowa. Galbraith’s explanation, under oath, confirmed to the satisfaction of the Attorney General that Galbraith was indeed, prima facie, operating a classic Ponzi scheme. Galbraith was immediately banned from signing any new contracts in the State of Iowa…. Common sense, simple law enforcement; simple justice; sparing farmer in the State of Iowa the horrors other North American farmer families would ultimately endure.

In my attempts to expose these pyramid/Ponzi schemes I have been set upon by vicious, brutal, lying, perjuring police; their lying, perjuring, willing and coerced witnesses as well as the criminals outside of law enforcement. Those perpetrating these fraudulent schemes include CRA (Income Tax Department personnel) many within the Region of Waterloo.

  • FACT – Galbraith remained a member “in good standing” with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business notwithstanding the number of times I contacted that organization and a former lawyer employed by the CFIB.
  • FACT – Notwithstanding the number of times I complained about the PKI Ponzi scheme to the corrupt Better Business Bureau (backers of Amway who recently settled a $155,000,000 class action law suit accusing Amway of running a massive pyramid scheme and Pre-Paid Legal scam and others) explaining to the BBB the massive harm to the North American farming communities that would result from PKI. All the BBB did was call police threatening me with arrest while maintaining PKI’s bizarre “A1” rating until two days after PKI’s bankruptcy when I personally informed the BBB of that fact: This also suppressed by the media.
  • FACT – I attempted to have the local Crown’s office deal with pyramid/Ponzi schemes operating in his area some defrauding even high school students. Police arrived preventing me from using the stairs to leave, pushing me into the elevator where I was physically bashed against the wall by P/C Dave Perchaluk… no arrest, just brutality to try to “teach me a lesson.” I protested in downtown Kitchener; was beaten up, near run over and taken to hospital by ambulance. The assailant convicted; the incident again suppressed by the media.
  • FACT – A Waterloo Regional Police officer pulled his gun pointing it at my face absolutely terrorizing me. I was taken to the Cambridge Hospital: With their lies police attempted to have me committed. The psychiatrist took the time to sort out the truth handing me a report on the matter. EXCERPT:  “I would like to confirm that I do indeed believe Mr. Thornton’s story, that he did not make this [911] phone call or make a threat….”  (911 files proved in fact I made no such 911 call). But it was another false police occurrence report generated to “stack the file” in a bid to destroy my credibility so the truth I was trying to expose would not be listened to. Subsequently, as a result of my complaint, I did receive an apology; the incident again suppressed by local media.
  • FACT –  I was holding a sign in front of the courthouse and Crown prosecutor’s office. A police officer pushed me backward toward traffic.  For that, I also received an apology from the complaint department.  Again suppressed by the media.
  • FACT –  Note Date: Intimidation at my residence in Oakville…. Occurrence #200700110126 980 @ 2007/12/20… “At above time, writer attended at the request of complainant (Police Constable Rabidoux – Waterloo Regional Police) and cautioned suspect that he would be charged with criminal harassment if he continues to contact any branch/division or employee of CKCO-TV or CTV. Suspect flagged as violent with a dislike of police….” That M.O.  more accurately describes brutal perjuring police, than the suspect (victim). I have never assaulted police. It is the police who need to be “flagged as “violent with a dislike for protesters and the truth! And I do not have a dislike for honest cops; I have a dislike for corruption and the innocent lives it destroys.… Again this incident suppressed by the mainstream media.
  • FACT –  Mark S.  DeWitt who attempted to salvage this PKI scam (which should have been immediately shut down by authorities) was reported by Better Farming Magazine to be in fact, a disbarred lawyer. Charges of assault (for justifiable self-defense) were withdrawn against Irwin who was harassed and threatened by this disbarred lawyer Mark  DeWitt and PKI minions who accompanied DeWitt to the office of Better Farming Magazine in a premeditated attack to intimidate, threaten and harass Irwin publisher of the Magazine. The public was “kept in the dark” about many crucial details surrounding PKI while the authorities sweep as much of their incompetence, graft, corruption, intimidation, retaliation, etc, under the well-known authoritarian “carpet of corruption” aided and abetted, as was Galbraith and his Pigeon King International massive multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme through suppression of the truth by authorities and mainstream Canadian media– NYT Excerpt: – Eventually, Better Farming published an investigative profile of DeWitt, reporting that he was a disbarred lawyer who swindled clients out of at least $100,000 in the 1980s and that he still owed Better Farming for some classified ads he took out years earlier.….. That’s the truth.  That’s the reality!!!
  • FACT –  December 15, 2010… Charges of alleged assault on a Toronto police officer were withdrawn against me shortly after the officer, having told the judge he had an “independent recollection of events” went on to state he “did not actually see the assault… his fellow officer told him later”….  He didn’t see or feel himself being assaulted about the head with a 14-inch bullhorn???!!! This is only some of the goings-on in the corrupted criminal system used against whistleblowers, fellow Canadians should be aware of…all suppressed by the mainstream media.
  • In subsequent conversations with Steve Moline of the Iowa A. G. ‘s office, he indicated his willingness to speak with any authorities in other states or Canada to assist in their investigations if they would call him; stating he could not be seen gratuitously interfering in other jurisdictions, but would explain the results of their investigation and his conclusion that PKI was indeed a classic Ponzi scheme to anyone willing to call him. I urged the Waterloo Regional fraud detectives to simply contact Steve Moline and these other professionals including the lawyer (who had taught in two universities and his private practice being corporate law, willing to consult with police, pro bono) a professor of mathematics, and a professor of business in the university saturated area of Waterloo. But to no avail. The police steadfastly refused to even contact the Iowa A.G., but rather steadfastly holding to their arrogant mantra, appeared on CTV spewing their false nonsense and today, in another deliberate “foot-dragging exercise” dubbed an “investigation.” have wasted millions of tax dollars. The last time I spoke with Steve Moline, no Canadian authorities, specifically those in the Waterloo Region had ever contacted him. This arrogant attitude by Canadian authorities can be observed on the CBC Marketplace February 06, 2009, exposé along with another false arrest of the whistleblower, this time by the B.C. RCMP. (charges quickly dropped when this time “CAUGHT ON CAMERA.”) They simply “do not want to know” about fraud. Again, in legal terms… “Willfully Blind;”  notwithstanding all the hoopla of cross-border cooperation!
  • CBC Market Place….
  • PKI Ponzi Scheme..
  • Pyramid fraud all the way to the Prime Minister’s office – read this link
  • It is more than interesting that Galbraith was not charged under section 206 (1)(e) of the Canadian Criminal Code for operating a pyramid/Ponzi scheme….  Try this explanation.  Authorities do not want to emphasize pyramid schemes under that section of the Criminal Code since authorities, including members of the Waterloo Regional Police Force, have been, and are currently perpetrating their own pyramid Ponzi schemes, now even recruiting high school kids into their fraudulent criminal activities.  These fellow citizens, are our police and those of authority who are supposed to close these frauds down, not profit from them such as personnel of the CRA (Income Tax Department) then threaten their victims and whistleblowers to keep their mouths shut.  That is the truth…  That is the reality.  At least one OPP officer was involved in this PKI “pigeon scam.” Every pyramid/Ponzi scheme CrimeBustersNow has investigated, police officers and/or families have been involved; police from the RCMP on down, politicians, government personnel, lawyers, accountants etc, etc, etc. My life has been turned into a “nightmare” since I first brought these pyramid schemes to the attention of the police & government and attempted to help my fellow citizens.  That too is the truth …. That too is the reality… suppressed by the mainstream media!  Question is … will this compilation of proven & provable information ever be acknowledged or properly resolved in this wilfully corrupt system?  David ThorntonCrimeBustersNowonlinevigilante4justice@gmail.com888-810-6736International Fraud InvestigationExposing Government, Police & Corporate Corruption

One Abhorrent Fraud at a Time.


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